Best shotgun mic under 50$ – Top 8 Reviews

Sometimes you need top tier microphones to capture the best performance, but your budget is too low, so don’t need to worry .we ‘re here to provide a complete guide about the best shotgun mic under 50$

Best Shotgun Mic Under 50$

If your camera does not have a reliable microphone, we focus on the Best Shotgun Mic Under 50, typically priced at 50$ or lower in this article. It would be best to keep in mind that there is still a big difference between the lower-priced microphone or higher priced. In general, how intense you want to go? Perhaps lower with the best performance, so this article will help choose the best one to enjoy the best version of shotgun mic that suits you.

There are few different microphone types that some used on various occasions, many in-studio for film making, and others used in outdoor environmental windy conditions. Some microphone fits on a desk, others on your head, while many fits on a traditional mic stand.

We give interpretation about the best cheap shotgun mic that is budget-friendly having the best audible features. If you are interested in making quality videos for your outdoor activities, then you have plenty of options to select the best budget shotgun mic under 50$. In fact, for as little as 50$, you can make considerable improvements to your sound quality.

Here we present some shotgun mic lists that come with at least some of its accessories, so you’ll look at the best one at an affordable price.

In a hurry? Here is our top PICKS

    • Weight: 7.8 ounces
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
    • Polar Pattern:Unidirectional
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    • Weight: 6.4 ounces
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
    • Batteries: No Battery Required
Check Price

    • Weight: 1.8 pounds
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
Check Price

    • Weight: 12 ounces
    • Power Source:Battery Powered
    • Polar Pattern: Power Source
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    • Weight: 5.3 ounces
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
    • connector-type: 3.5 mm Jack
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    • Weight: 6.3 ounces
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
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    • Weight: 1.3 pounds
    • connector-type: XLR Connector, 3.5 mm Jack
    • Power Source: Battery Powered
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    • Weight: 8.8 ounces
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional, Omnidirectional
    • connector-type: 3.5 mm Jack
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1. Comica CVM-VM10II Shotgun Video Microphone

Comica CVM-VM10II Shotgun Mic

The Comica CVM-VM10II is the best shotgun microphone under 50 that can highly preferable for audio and video shooting .however, it does not need a battery, but its sound quality is so good. It has focused capture, and it does seem to reduce some of the ambient noise. it can work with iPhone or smartphone, and it can work, of course, with many cameras that have a microphone jack in it. .if you have a low budget, you can try it and enjoy filming

  • Universal compatibility

The Comica CVM-VM10II is an excellent shotgun microphone with an extensive range of collecting sound features. comica CVM-VM10II mic comes with a 3.5mm TRS cable for the camera and a 3.5mm TRRS cable for a smartphone.

If your device has not to interface of 3.5mm input, you need an adapter to connect the microphone. If you find a considerable improvement of sound quality, you can easily use it in connection with DSLR.when you want to use this mic on iPhone 7 or above iPhone version; you need to use the original iPhone adapter cable to make a connection with the microphone.

  • Cardioid polar pattern

Unlike many products, the case that comes with the Comica CVM-VM10II Mic is solid, made up of 100% aluminum metal, and packed with Windscreen and WindMuff. It’s pretty cool and has a cardioids pattern.

The CVM-VM10II shotgun microphone is giving an excellent off-axis performance. It is strongly preferred for capturing desired sounds, which can effectively reduce the surrounding environment’s noise.

  • Super Anti-interference

CVM-VM10II shotgun microphone is one of the delicate models entirely made up of aluminum metal and comes with a super anti-interference function. comica CVM-VM10II mic has a 1/4 cold-shoe design to help you mount the microphone to your camera quickly.

Super shield and anti-interference function help to reduce the noise from vibrations. It can also improve the video’s quality during video shooting .the mic delivers excellent voice to your video and primely prevents the jitter’s unnecessary sound and noise.

  • Professional Shock- absorption stands

comica CVM-VM10II microphone is designed with a professional shock absorption stand, which can correctly reduce all types of vibrational sound and background noises.

It is a directional microphone, and it tries to avoid sounds from around, so it is highly recommended for audio and video filming. comica has a very high, very faint pitched sound, which was only noticeable when you are wearing headphones.

  • High-quality sound
  • No battery is required.
  • Super anti-interference
  • Low power consumption
  • It is budget friendly
  • It does not work with iphone6s or iphone XS

Final Verdict

Comica CVM-VM10II Shotgun Video Microphone gives good results for both outdoor and indoor uses. its main function is to deliver a great sound that you demand which cannot get from most microphones. if you want to buy a lightweight and lightweight product, then Comica CVM-VM10II is the best option for you because it is budget-friendly.

2. Movo  VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Movo VXR10 Universal Microphone

If you are looking for a Best Shotgun Mic Under 50 that won’t break your video shooting bank, this is your mic. You can easily shoot your videos without thinking about any noisy environment. You especially enjoy the windscreen included in the box, which reduces wind noise during shooting.

This universal microphone significantly improves your sound quality, whether you use it with the standard smartphone or with a high-quality DSLR.

  • Universal compatibility

Movo  VXR10 Universal Video Microphone is small, reliable, durable, and lightweight. You may directly mount the VXR10 on your camera and battery is required. It is easy to use; just plug the microphone and ready to go for a shooting.

The VXR10 is universally compatible and works with Android smartphones,iPhone, camcorders, DSLR cameras, audio recorders, Gopros, tablets, and laptops.

  • Compact design

Movo VXR10 universal is a shotgun style mic intended for capturing audio for viewable media. This mic has a cardioid pattern that is constructed entirely from aluminum. It has a metal build setup that feels premium .the compact design of Movo VXR10 is suitable for camera mounting recording as it monitoring the clean, crispy sound.

The microphone uses a cardioids condenser capsule to minimize the peripheral environmental sound and focus the right audio pickup in front of the mic.

This microphone requires no battery, so it relies on the power from your smartphone or camera. It delivers 35Hz to 18kHz frequency ranges that are suitable for capturing high-quality sound.

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  • Integrated shock-mount

The Movo VXR10 microphone contains an updated, sturdy integrated shock-mount and furry windscreen (for use in windy outdoor) as well as a soft case for storing the mic. Both 3.5mm TRS and TRRS cables are included that work with DSLR cameras, camcorders, audio recorders, iPhones, tablets, and laptops.

  • Performance

Movo VXR10 universal is an averse mic that can be used in all types of situations by people. Vloggers, videographers, and filmmakers of all kinds love it. They all use it for making short films or shooting their live sessions. It delivers maximum audible quality, so our customers use it for vlogging, youtube video shooting, action sports, filmmaking, recording music, live streaming, podcasting, and more.

This mic is versatile and directional. In contrast with another microphone, it still picks up some noticeable natural sound from the surroundings and avoids ambient voice.

For best audio recording, subject distance is somewhat important. If you want to shoot a video with the best audible quality, you must keep a distance of  18 inches with the mic.

  • No battery is required.
  • Deliver high quality sound
  • Windscreen reduce noise during filming
  • Sound is not loud enough
  • plastic legs are flimsy

Final Verdict

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone is a lightweight product that is in an affordable significantly improves the quality of video by highlighting the high-frequency range f comes out with the windshield that most cuts out offensive and ambient sound from the environment.

3. Neewer Uni-directional Mono Microphone

Neewer Uni-Directional Mono Microphone

Neewer uni-directional Mono Microphone is one of the unique microphones designed for its applicability in live sessions, media interviews, conferences, speech, stage, film, and television. The primary function of the microphone is to isolate the primary sound source and reduce background noise.

As we know, every user wants to shoot their videos with the best audio quality, so this is a reliable microphone that highlights the best vocal performance with a smooth frequency range.

  • Universal comptaibilty

Neewer uni-directional Mono Microphone is suitable for all those interested in buying lots of Neewer brand equipment. This mic produces high quality surprisingly results, so users feel proud to use it during filming.

Neewer microphone is compatible with camcorders and DSLR cameras. It has a 3.5mm microphone input socket shoe and battery is needed if your preamp has phantom power, so the Neewer microphone can also be powered via phantom power. the Neewer 14.7 inch/36cm microphone delivers a crisp, clear and bright sound

  • Cardioid pattern

The Neewer is the perfect mic to start. If you are trying to start your channel on a budget, you can get away using a cheap microphone. A Neewer microphone is an excellent gadget as it comes to your expectations.

Moreover, the Neewer shotgun microphone has a cardioids pickup pattern. It usually delivers high-quality sound, and it is best for close to the subject. Even though it’s like thirty bucks, it provides a super clean sound comparable to the most expensive microphone. It is a uni-directional microphone having an XLR cable, which is 8 meters in length.

Further, it is the Best Shotgun Mic Under 50 that has a compact design that overcomes the background noise and maximizes sound quality with a smooth frequency response range for best vocal performance.

  • Professional performance

With the little cost, you want to get the best gadget that suits your demand. It’s excellent that the Neewer microphone stands out first in the market, having a small price with better professional performance.

When you go for outdoor activities and want to capture your live streaming with a fantastic microphone, you get high-quality videos. Neewer microphone will responsible for central voice pickup and ignoring all unnecessary sounds from the environment.

Unlike other accessories, Anti-wind foam of this mic is helpful to reduce noise. It did cut down the ambient noise .when you start to record your video,anti-wind foam cap, and stable stand prevent the effect of vibration during recording.

  • Affordable option for vediography
  • Pretty good for  standard performance
  • Having no audio issues
  • Sound quality is well.
  • Condenser capsule is surprisingly sensitive
  • Windschield does not fit the mic at all

Final Verdict

Neewer Uni-directional Mono Microphone is one of the outstanding product that presents better audio features than other microphones. if you have a low budget, don’t need to worry, this product is for you. You can easily upgrade your film shooting by purchasing this amazing microphone.

4. TAKSTAR SGC-598 interview Microphone

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone

When you arranged a trip for your outdoor activities and thinking much about the best shotgun microphone under 50 that will enhance your journey’s delightful experience, you have to choose the Takstar SGC-598 microphone. It applies to photographing, film shooting, video recording, character news, live interviews, etc.

Takstar condenser microphone is high sensitivity shotgun mic that enhances the quality of the recording. You don’t need to bother with its audio capabilities as it proves to be best for reducing ambient sound from the environment.

  •  compatibility

Takstar SGC-598 condenser microphone has been designed for the camera and iPhone/Samsung smartphone. The microphone has various accessories that include connecting cables(3.5mm)and a is compatible with all Sony Nikon and DSLR cameras. .by using a hot-shoe adapter interface, it is installed firmly onto the camera.

.the shotgun mic is small in size and lightweight, so it can be easily handled and use in various situations such as photography, interviews, wedding stage productions events, and live sessions

  • Heart-shaped single-point pickup

the Takstar SGC-598 condenser microphone has essential features. One of the main features is a heart-shaped single-point pickup that works to upgrade the performance b reducing noisy sound. It has powered by 1.5V AA alkaline battery. It has a long-running time battery that can handle up to 100h. when the battery is getting low, it indicates the sign to replace it in time easily and easy to install or remove.

  • Shock-resistant structural design

If you have a DSLR with mic input and want your audio to improve, we highly recommend you to go for it because it reduces the camera’s mechanical noise and other vibrational noise.

Takstar SGC-598 condenser microphone is made up of aluminium alloy, adding the shockproof features. shock-resistant structural design greatly Schield electromagnetic interference and reduce the noise interference caused by DV.

  • It’s a good budget option for vlogging.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • The build of the mic is pretty good
  • Does not work with all canon cameras

Final Verdict

TAKSTAR SGC-598 interview Microphone is one of the perfect audio enhancing accessories that are compatible with camcorders, DV cameras, Canon, and is a lightweight product, easily mounted on your camera. the microphone reduces the mechanical noise coming from the environment.

5. Comica CVM-V30 LITE Video Microphone

Comica CVM-V30 LITE Video Microphone

what caught my eye on this microphone is that it has many outstanding features. the Comica CVM-V30 LITE microphone is suitable for DSLR cameras and mobile phones. When used with the android system, it works well in audio and generating a high-quality audio frequency range. If it does not work with video mode, we suggest using it with a third-party video app.

  • Universal compatibility

The Comica brand’s product is excellent value for money and fits nicely on the user’s demands that have a low budget. The microphone body is compatible with ‘’camera’’ or ‘’phone’’.comica CVM-V30 microphone is universal for cameras, camcorders,iPhone, Android, and audio recorders.

Comica mic has a 3.5mm mic jack that can attach with a camera/smartphone. For canon T5 T6 T7 devices, you need an extra adapter cable. For better performance, you purchase it on a lower budget. This device is widely used for shooting, filming youtube vlogs and interviews, etc.

  • Unique Shock mount design

Comica mics are widely known for their superior design, constructed from a single piece of thermoplastic .the CVM-V30 LITE microphone features an integrated shock mount design that proves to be helpful for excellent isolation from bumps and vibrations. In the case of fixing the mic on the tripod, it has an integrated shoe-mount with ¼ thread at the bottom. This design may prevent the mic from capturing low-frequency noise caused by wind or camera shake.

  • Battery-free design

The Comica CVM-V30 LITE microphone does not require a battery for operations. It is powered by plug-in power from your camera/smartphone that solves insufficient battery power for long time record sessions. plug and play function makes it easy to use so you can start recording your Facebook live streams and youtube vlogging

  • Super Anti- Interference

The Comica CVM-V30 LITE microphone is compact and light-weighted. Easy to carry. Easy to use. It gives excellent off-axis rejection for the desired sound to eliminate the noise coming from the environment and provide high-quality sound.

  • Extremely light
  • No battery is required.
  • It is suitable with smartphones
  • Decent mount
  • The cable is not detachable

Final Verdict

Comica CVM-V30 LITE Video Microphone is a feature-rich product, so it is a little bit expensive than the other brands mentioned is designed with advanced features that prevent background noise during is a durable and versatile microphone that has a unique shock-mount design.

6. Boya by-MM1 Compact Shotgun Microphone review

Boya by-MM1 Shotgun Microphone

The BY-MM1 is a shotgun Condenser Microphone from BOYA. It is a lightweight, compact condenser mic created to improve videos’ audio quality on DSLR cameras that incorporate built-in mics. Moreover, it is compatible with mobile phones, camcorders, and other audio capturing tools.

  • Plug & Play

Furthermore, The BY-MM1 mic offers a simple plug-and-play functionality, which means no batteries are needed to run the microphone. Its body is of aluminum construction.

  • Windscreen

It comes with a furry windscreen that will help you minimize wind noise even if you’re recording outdoor or indoor. This will be perfect for you if you’re in a crowded situation.

  • Package

Also, It comes with a BOYA BY-MM1 shotgun mic, a shock mount, a furry windshield to reduce wind noise, a 3.5 mm TRS and TRRSs connection cables, a storage bag, and a warranty card.

  • Great Audio Quality
  • Durability
  • Highly Compatible
  • No Battery Required
  • Windshield
  • loud distortion in background
  • unusable in video editing

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for the best small shotgun mic under 50, think about this Boya microphone with unique features. It has excellent sound quality. Also, it is the best cheap shotgun mic under 50 you can buy it easily.

7. Bestshoot Condenser Interview Microphone

Bestshoot Condenser Interview Microphone

It is the best under $50 shotgun mic Interview shotgun Microphone that’s a versatile shotgun microphone that works with many devices. Moreover, it is a low-budget microphone but a very suitable opportunity for anyone at the entry-level.

Furthermore, it is highly Compatibility with Camcorders and DSLR cameras.

This shotgun comes with a stable stand and foam windscreen. It will help to reduce noise from the wind and vibrational impacts. It is effortless to set up and use.

Also, A tight cardioid pickup pattern isolates the audio source from undesired background noise. The resulting sound is clear and accurate for a microphone in its class.

  • Who Is this Microphone For?

Suppose you’re starting your journalistic adventure. Then the Best shoot shotgun interview microphone is for you. Its quality is not pro as it’s a low-priced entry-level product. Notwithstanding that, the sound is more than sufficient for communication purposes and is sure to keep the listener’s concentration.

It is highly sensitive and works on two modes. One is told, and the second one is normal, whereas tele mode is more sensitive than louder than normal mode.

  • What’s in the package?

Its package includes 1 MT-11 shotgun mic, one anti-wind form cap, one mic stand, one stereo 0.25 inches jack adaptor, one mini 0.14 inches jack adaptor, and one xlr cable.

  • Enough shotgun mic that doesn’t require phantom power
  • Lightweight
  • Long cable
  • Good audio quality
  • Easy to use
  • it will not fit in a standard mic stand holder

Final Verdict:

It is the best mic under 50 that doesn’t require phantom power. It works on a 1.5 V battery that can work up to 26 hours. Its price is meager if your budget is low, click on the button to check the price and purchase it.

8. Moukey MCM-1 DSLR Camera Microphone

Moukey MCM-1 DSLR Camera Microphone

The MouKey MCm-1 is a universal video camera microphone created to improve audio quality compared to built-in camera microphones significantly. No battery is required in this microphone, plug, and play. The product is provided with a 3.5mm cable that can be used with your smartphone’s own jack connection adapter.

Moreover, the best shotgun mic under 50 uses a high cardioid condenser capsule specially designed for audio recording when using DSLR cameras. It is highly compatible with your cameras. Camcorders and smartphones.

  • Uni-directional Pickup Pattern

Further, it has a unidirectional pickup pattern that is too sensitive to record sound from the microphone’s front side and minimizes the background noise that is the excellent shotgun microphone for interviews and Vlogging.

Furthermore, its body is made of Aluminum, which protects the sound capturing quality from interference by a high radio frequency level.

Besides, it has fantastic features that include a shock-absorption shock mount, effectively reducing undesired vibrational handling sound.

  • Windscreen

In addition to this microphone comes a dead-cat windscreen that reduces background noise when you are shooting outdoor crowd situations.

  • What’s included in the package?

It comes with a MCm-1 Microphone, shock mount, deady windscreen, high density filter sponge, 3,5 mm TRS and TRRs cables and a carrying bag

  • Less price
  • Good sound quality
  • Windscreen
  • TRS and TRRS cable
  • Unidirectional Pickup Pattern
  • Carrying bag
  • Deadycat only works with light wind.
  • plastic shock-mount is weak that can break easily

Final Verdict:

If you have low budget and want a quality sound then think about this best shotgun mic under 50. This will fulfil your requirements. It has amazing features and functionalities. If you’re a vlogger or a videographer then this will capture quality audio even you’re in environment condition. It’s price is very cheap everyone can buy this microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which one is the best budget mic under 50$?

As we narrated reviews of many microphones that are exceptionally under the best budget, Neewer’s unidirectional microphone is amazingly cheap and delivers maximum frequency range for best vocal performance. Everyone who wants to start vlogging but doesn’t have much budget to bear the expenses, so Neewer microphone is best for beginners.

Q. What is the pickup pattern of a shotgun microphone?

A shotgun mic has a lobar polar pick-up pattern and an expansion of the super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid polar pickup patterns. Interference tubes are placed on the front side of the diaphragm to achieve ultimate directionality. This means that the microphone picks up the sound to the front very well but refuses sound from the sides.

Whereas a hyper-cardioid polar pickup pattern is a directional pattern that is great for separating sound. Also, many shotgun mics have this pickup pattern. While every name is different, the most significant difference between a hyper-cardioid microphone and a super-cardioid microphone is how much the back and side noise is picked up. Hypercardioid microphones are generally used for apparatus capturing.


Now it’s time, to sum up our guide. All microphones have advantages and disadvantages. so We have reviewed many shotgun mics that rely on the best shotgun mic under 50. All these microphones have unique features and cheap. If you need quality sound, then think about the Comica CVM-VM10II microphone. It has outstanding functionalities, and the price is significantly less. You can purchase it easily. On the other hand, the TAKSTAR SGC-598 is the best cheap mic that has outstanding features and perfect for your cameras, camcorders. 

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