Best Audio Technica Shotgun Mic

Shotgun microphones are not a new thing in the film industry but it’s a chief item. It comes with multiple features.  If you are in search of a device that allow you to capture audio recordists with clear and crisp sound you should choose this best audio Technica shotgun mic.

These are the one that predominantly used by professionals. Advancement in the audio industry with time has enhanced the quality of audio devices. Therefore, plenty of professional use plenty products according to their need. These more often cater filmmakers and offers them pre-level sound quality.

As you are already aware about the importance of microphone in everyone’s life thus, you will know about the further benefits of these products under this review articles. Microphones are imperative because everyone need them, if you are going for meeting, working on a call, talking to anyone and for educational purposes.

Best Audio Technica Shotgun Mic

1.    Rode NTG5Kit RF-Bias Shotgun Microphone

Rode NTG5Kit RF-bias shotgun microphone is the best audio Technica shotgun mic so far. It is specifically designed for the most demanding and establishing events and recording applications. The product is in demand now because of its sophisticated qualities and properties. The way how its works is excellent. Rode NTG5Kit comes with custome0made and tailored frequency responses allows its user to gain maximum benefits.

Tight polar patterns and smooth off-axis response accurately to offer a super-quality audio. Not only that, product is made of light weigh aluminium that makes it perfect for the every location to record with a prosperous limit. Meanwhile, it comes along RF circuitry and conformal coatings to ensure and to minimize the environmental resistance and to oppose the adverse environmental conditions. 

Revolutionary Acoustic Design

Here is the revolutionary acoustic design of the NTG5. The amazing product comes with the overhauled and renovated technology. None of above, it’s made with circular ports to replace the linear spaces and slots appears in the other shotgun mics.

Design in not obtained just after one texting instead it’s a revolutionary gain after many months effort. Not only tat, it delivers incomparable acoustic transparency and a way too natural and uncolored audio that can be best hear in multiple varied conditions and applications.

The Perfect Location Recording Mic

With its successful and revolutionary design NTG5 product come with tightly controlled and frequency measured responses suits superlative for every user. Moreover, this is efficient to reduce the noise, low self-noise. It also comes with the supercardioid polar patterns and other off-axis responses. You will be amzed with its spectacular quality has made it foremost product for its user.


The acoustic products designed to make it user-friendly both for application and usage. Its RF-bias technology enables its user to conformal coating ensuring its super performance in strict atmospheric conditions. It’s the perfect mic for location recording and challenging cinematography circumstances where exceptional audio is imperative.

A Successful Operator’s Dream

The NTG5 features a short, made with aluminium, lighter weight making it supreme and most compact professional shotgun mic over others. This is dream of every successful operator and professional filmmaker. This is amazing for long shoots, and for the filmmakers who want to record the best audio and recodists. They must use this is they are looking for a more easy and portable product this can be a best product if you want something that deliver broadcast-grade audio.


  • Broadcase Quality
  • Flat Frequency Response
  • Highly Directional
  • Interference Resistant
  • Extremely Lightweight


  • N/A

1.    Audio-Technica AT875R Line/Gradient Shotgun

If you are looking for the best audio technica shotgun mic you should consider the Audio-Technica 875R on your first priority. This comes with the short shotgun mic that is user-friendly. It has only 7 inches length and have smaller diameter. Professional user fined a best product because it comes with multiple directional and good characteristics and qualities. Its sound capturing property is great. It effectively rejecting the sound from a 60 degrees angle.

If you are an on camera-user this product will go along best for you in view of the fact, it can be used in the boom poles. Fanatically, the product is affordable for all most everyone. May be its expensive for some user but no one will refuse its powerful caliber and sound recording feature. If you want a great all-around shotgun and do not have a thousand dollars to invest in higher-end equipment, then this is the mic for you.

Sound & quality

When you review its sound idiosyncrasy you will find this an amazing product. AT875R has an excellent dynamic range and produces a rich sound with a lot of clarity. Not only that it has well-balanced frequency patterns and other maximum features. This has powerful and slightly elevated but high-end frequency patterns that bulge at 5 kHz. This frequency helps to give a warmer yet, peaceful presence. Apart from that its vocal comes out without distortion and is smoothly pitched.

Design and build

No doubt it’s a short model and falls under the category of low price products still, it gives excellent performance and comes with the decent built quality. The device is abridged and simplified than other models of its range. Don’t worry about the model because it can withstand some potential abuses like fall or others. This shotgun uses an XLR output and requires a source of phantom power, which means it cannot be plugged directly into a camera. Plug it into a mic preamp, Zoom or a similar recorder that can power up the device. More or less it’s efficient.

Small But Robust

The AT875R weighs only 80g, as mentioned earlier, a low weight product. Its height is 175mm and falls under the shortest shotgun microphones. With the exception of, it comes with a professional quality sound recordings. Made from metal, its inherent robustness allows it to follow you on the ground.

Excellent Off-Axis Rejection

As it comes a thin and sleek shape therefore, can be compactable for the narrow off-axis at 60 degrees. Therefore, it has power to maintain and reject the off-axis noise. Not only that, this provide you in fact guarantee you to capture audios precisely and with great intelligibility.

Ideal for Use on Booms

As boom operators are well aware, the weight of a microphone is paramount. The AT875R is the most affordable universal solution. Equipped with its own clamp with screw thread adaptor, it installs very quickly on a boom or on a microphone stand, and at 80g you would almost forget it was there.


  • Fantastic price
  • Excellent quality for the buck
  • Good directional characteristics
  • Sturdy, compact build


  • None

2.    Sennheiser MKE 600 Professional Shotgun microphone

Sennheiser MKE 600 is a fantastic quality and best audio technical shotgun mic that comes along extensive features. This is a 10” short-range shotgun. However, it’s a kind of entry prototype yet, it’s available at the different price range. You will be amazed with its professional performance and characteristics. If you are looking for a premier raw performer then you should go with it.

You will also be stunned after watching its design because it’s a way too unique and adorable.  It may appear modest, but it’s certainly more convenient than both AT897 and Rode NTG2. It also performs great in both close and open areas without relying on post EQ. It seems, Sennheiser took best of both mics for their MKE 600, and then improved it even further.

Build & package

Sennheiser MKE 600 is quite compact and lightweight, it goes maximally and easily well with the DSLR cameras. This comes with a mort mount that you can use frequently o place camera for shooting purposes. Although, it’s basic yet, it look amazing and reliable. If you want to thrive more you will need to buy some spider shock mount. You will be pleased to know that these are quite cheap.

Well-designed control

Unlike NTG-2 and AT897, this shotgun has some well-designed controls. To switch other accessories you don’t need a pin or other things you can do this with your fingertips. You can off and on the shotgun mic with its built-in switch. The best thing is that you don’t need cords to handle it because it comes with cordless switches.

Powerful Sound and Quality

Your amazing product comes with a best audio and sound quality. Frequency pattern of MKE 600 is nothing short of epic and you will love that curve above any other shotgun. The sound will not appears dull because of the slight peak of 2-3 dB boost. It is rationally flat but give amazing results. However, unlike with harsher AT897 this transition is very even, natural and unobtrusive.

Now let’s see its few however, powerful sound features. Its lower end initially rolls at 100 Hz. It also comes with a low cut part that comes with the switch sets of 200 Hz. This move makes the Sennheiser outsmarts both AT897 and NTG-2 whose “low cut” switches are set at 100 Hz and can’t roll off any further. Sometimes, you need to cut off the move above 100 Hz because above 100 Hz frequency can create noise and mud. Sennheiser MKE 600 gives you that opportunity to switch with the mood you like.


  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Transparent, natural tone, low noise
  • Well-thought-out design with accessible controls
  • Good for any situation
  • Better windscreen


  • No cons

3.    Rode NTG4PLUS Shotgun Microphone

NTG4 Plus is the latest short shotgun from Rode, which features digital controls, rechargeable lithium battery and improved sound quality. It is of best option to use other than NTG2 and NTG3 and is positioned between both. Nonetheless, its price range can still be existed in the entry level category. It comes with all the professional traits that are crucial for a professional and beginner user.  NTG4+ has all you need to accomplish most of your videography tasks with excellent characteristics.

If you are the one who is interested to load up the new and best audio technical shotgun mic you should go the NGT4 plus for the reason of it’s onboard attributes. If you want to use this mic on the locations like for TV sounds or films sounds you should go with this NTG4 plus. This comes with the three digitally-switched buttons along with LED indicators.

Different switches has different functions. The top switch comes with a high frequency boost that easily start with the 3.5 kHz. The middle one start with the 75Hz and pass high-quality filters to get rid of any other boom or ripple to handle the noise. The bottom switch has a couple of functions. Firstly, it switches the mic on by providing phantom power from its internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery; the LED lights green when the internal battery is in use, and blue when using external phantom power.

Noise levels

 This comes with a sound quality better than its previous models. Sound quality isn’t better due to a single factor but multiple factors are involved to maintain it. Their noise has been controlled with the addition of few characteristics. As you already know, shotguns comes with the noise that is perceived as a background hiss. Often, you will not hear the sound but frequently, it ruins your work, especially when there is a need for post-processing.

Internal Battery or Phantom Powered

It comes with the lithium reliable battery. You can operate it with both the phantom mode and internal rechargeable battery mode. This provides you the 150 hours of running time. The micro-USB port is can also be supplied with the USB cable that enables you to charge easily just within two hours. You can easily charge thisNGT4 plus with the help of computer, power brick, and vehicle etc. Thanks to its 3-pin XLR output, the NTG4+ is compatible with a variety of handheld audio recorders, field recorders, and mixer adapters as well as built-in preamps on many camcorders and cinema cameras.

Ideal for Boom pole Mounting

This comes with a design that is lightweight and is of metal-bodied. You can easily place this according to the boom pole to adjust it accordingly. Placement of mic matters when you start recording. You can also mount the mic on the shock mount or the Rode pistol grip.


  • Great quality, natural sound
  • Very decent noise levels
  • Can work in aggressive environment
  • Feature rich, breeze to use
  • Integrated lithium battery
  • Well-priced for a new model


  • No cons

4.    Audio-Technica AT8035 Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica 875R is a short shotgun mic, which is only of 7 inches and with the smaller diameter. This comes with multiple features that enhance its durability and reliability. It is cheap than its other comparable models but still, powerful. Model can work perfectly for both on camera and off camera occasions. But will to hear that this is surprisingly affordable. It starts rejecting the 60 degree angle to capture. But with its low price it’s a best option to opt.

This comes with the excellent reach capacity and powerful work ethics. You can use it to record all kind of sound like in the filming industry or other shoots purposes. I think you don’t need to invest your money for the expensive microphones while you can get everything with this amazing yet, cheap model. When you work in a street environment, the things like self-noise that are typically emphasized in professional models are hardly even pertinent.

On the other hand, the directionality along with a proper placement is far more important. High directionality results in reduction of extraneous sounds and environment noise. For indoors, this will also mean a reduction of obtrusive reverb that would otherwise require dampening.

Sound & quality

This model comes with the amazing sound and noise quality control. Its frequency pattern is excellent than other models. But you need to control the frequency pattern to be an expert for its usage. If you watch its peaks in the upper range you will get to know that it has the noticeable range of 5 dB boost. This result with the brighter presence than others. Sometimes, you will feel a noisy environment due to few background hiss. This shoot gun show incredible results than ever. You will be pleased after using it.

Design and build

Audio-Technica AT8035 is a quite lightweight model and it is easy to handle. It’s just like the other shorter shoot guns. You can use it with the DSLR cameras the reason is it can easily fit with the mount like shock mount etc. One thing you must know that it’s very sensitive to handling noises, so you have to be careful and a good shock mount is a must. As there is no shock mount in the package, you’ll have to provide it yourself.

Windscreen is another important piece of the equipment, since highly directional mics are also more susceptible to wind noise. The stock windshield that goes with this mic provides only 10 dB reduction, which is next to useless, therefore I strongly advise to get some decent windshield as well.


  • Excellent sound rejection
  • A lot of detail with good accuracy
  • Natural, crispy sound
  • Good durability


  • Need to purchase additional munts.

5.    Audio-Technica AT897 Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica AT897 is another 11” short shotgun that is very similar to NTG-2. Both microphones comes with the identical size and constructions and both also comes with the roughly costs that is same for both. This has same quality with the NGT4 but still have few differences with it like it has slight different sound or you can call it tone. This isn’t obvious from the other frequency patterns this add some of the mud with the environment but still comes with the low end.

It comes with the low mood especially when used for indoor purposes. On the other hand, AT897 sounds brighter but tends to get more brittle and fatiguing when miked in field. This mic is different from the other models. It is falls under the entry level category mics. This comes in the low price range and can work amazingly.

Sound & quality

This mic is not perfect according to its price but still, a powerful tool because of its low price range. Apart from, it entry level it still be used for the significant purposes. This provide you sound without compromise over its quality. In fact, Audio-Technica AT897 has been a go-to model for many videographers for over a decade, and up to day, things did not change much. The great mic is still a great mic. In sound recording and especially videography, the final outcome will anyway depend more on the skill and experience of operator rather than the price of your equipment.

Design and build

Audio-Technica AT897 comes with design same as NTG-2 has. This model comes with the mic that is placed at the couple millimeters below the surface and it has low frequency. You need some kind of pins or hair pins to get access to it. The on/off switch is absent as well so in order to converse the battery, you will have to unscrew and unplug it. When it comes to durability, Audio-Technica AT897 is quite sturdy and it is not easy to break even if accidentally dropped. The manufacturer also provides a 5 year limited warranty.

Who should use it?

Audio-Technica AT897 is ideal for beginner videographers who need to an instrument in order to record within affordable price. A superlative item in terms of quality and direction. As you already know it’s relatively easy to use the small Technica AT897 thus, any beginner or professional user can opt it easily. It can be used for the occasions like for the booming, miking ad behind the scene working.

If working on smaller projects, you may not even need to upgrade as long as it’s working. Before considering an upgrade to a professional model, it’s important to master your skills in term of its usage. This will help you to use it incredibly.


  • Accurate, rich sound
  • Excellent price / performance
  • Relatively low noise
  • Quality build


  • Windscreen is worthless
  • Roll off switch isn’t easily accessible

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