What Microphone Does Ninja Use

If you the one who loves live streaming you should read this review article. It’s an important question, what microphones does ninja use? It’s not arduous to find an answer to this question. Maybe you are aware of Alienware, who sponsored one of Ninja’s streams – he used the AW2518H.  

Good thing is that he is still using it. So, it must be because these are the best option to opt for. These ninja microphones can also be used if you have a gaming monitor or you are a game lover. Gamin monitors are going to refresh at an insane rate of 244Hz. 

Ninja uses the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro studio headphone. These are German headphones and are handcrafted from high-quality materials. No doubt, they are reliable and durable.  It comes with three-dimensional sound to alert its user about gameplay – happening around or behind your character. These headphones are designed with robust spring steel headband technology and fit comfortably and securely. Let’s get to know what mic does ninja use.

What Microphone Does Ninja Use

1. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone

Audio-Technica AT2020 comes with general home studio usage. The AT2020 equipped with a low-mass diaphragm allows you to handle high SPL ((Sound Pressure Levels). A high SPL valve makes a headphone better than other condenser microphones. 

Not only that, it has a smaller diameter of 16mm black-electret capsule, which works and provides it a subtle way to sound brighter. This is an amazing product to complements certain applications like closed-mixed, female vocals, small-bodied acoustic guitars, and drum kit with many more. 

 In addition to this, all the components are protected by the latest-looking cast metal exterior. The best thing is that this metal cast is easy to handle and easy to store. This is a recording acoustic guitar, a great entry-level mic for recoding an excellent guitar player.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 works incredibly to reproduce the high-frequency dynamism of neat and top acoustics. All this happens without having to drill a hole in your pocket. You will be happy to hear that this small mic can easily handle the all loud instrument well. 


  • This microphone comes with a max SPL of 158dB with a pad, this occurs without compromising the low end as compared to other small mics that come in the same price range.
  • This makes the AT2020 have a brighter sound which is ideal for steel-string acoustics.
  • No doubt, this microphone is solid still, weighing 12.1oz. Look, it’s solid still it comes to the best results to provide you the best comic that comes out crisp-like. 
  • It handles loud sound sources.
  • This mic is of solid build and reliable.
  • AT2020’s comes with a high 144dB SPL
  • An ideal budget-friendly condenser mic
  • Less sound level comes out than expectations
  1. Electro-Voz

Electro-Voz is one of the best microphones what mic does ninja use. This comes with the new color option for the classic RE20 broadcast microphone. It comes with an elegant look, and low-reflection with a dark charcoal finish. Its unique and variable-D design allows its user to talk naturally around the mic without any interruption. 

Not only that this microphone ensures full quality sound, a crisp and clear voice with smoothness. It is equipped with an electro-voice feature that is pretty helpful for you. Moreover, it announces the introduction of the RE20-BLACK. This is a new thing that has been introduced in this microphone category.

This RE20 has been an all-time favorite for firms of broadcasters, sound engineers, and musicians around the whole world. The RE20-BLACK proposes to its customers an aesthetic and are alternative to the iconic finish, while being acoustically, electrically, and mechanically identical.


  • It provides a professional-grade dynamic and cardioid microphone.
  • This comes with excellent and condenser performance to enjoy its user proficiently.
  • This microphone is equipped with the classic sound of FM radio voices but with a smooth texture and crisp voice. The best thing is that all comes with the natural and controlled sonic character.
  • Electro-VOZ microphone comes with a steel housing and coil that provide an incredible magnetic shield, works to protect against line buzz.
  • Comes with FM radio voices
  • Variable-D design and heavy-duty internal filter
  • An internal shock mount element
  • Reduces vibration-induced noise
  • Little too expensive

3. Blue Yeti X Professional USB Condenser Microphone

Blue Yeti X Professional USB Condenser Microphone is one of the microphones what mic does ninja use. Important thing is that how to shift from a usual to improved USB microphone. Blue Yeti X professional USB comes with extensive features. 

Everyone would like to have a microphone that provides a customized setting. Of course, everyone wants to start with a microphone that provides LED lights, a USB port, and other favorable settings. You will be happy to know that this Blue Yeti comes with such properties. 

With its amazing and combining blue voice software support system, tons of features including an onboard volume meter makes Blue Yeti sounds a great option to choose from. This microphone can make great your already-great mic.


  • No doubt, the microphone is well-suited to podcasting, cardioid mode to captures sound sources, game streaming, and used with other vocal instruments. 
  • The supreme thing about this microphone is that it delivers a rich voice, full of bodied sound. 
  • Moreover, this microphone is equipped with a bidirectional mode to records from both sides, front and back of the microphone. Thus, it an amazing option to choose if you are launching a stream between two persons.
  • Not only that, its stereo mode uses both left and right channels to allow you to capture ideal and realistic voice sound images whenever you are working with multiple sounds source in front of the mic.
  • Cardioid mode
  • Bidirectional mode
  • Stereo mode
  • Bidirectional mode
  • Omni mode picks up sound equally
  • Not recommended for Mac users.

4. Audio Technica AT2035 cardioid condenser microphone

The Audio Technica 2035 is a fixed cardioid large-diaphragm condenser mic. It is a kind of side-address mic that comes with multiple features. Its features are exclusive because its side-address mic is designed so that it looks like AT 2020 microphone. It comes with an all-metal case in satin black and with two side-stitches for the low-cut filters and with a pad located at the base of the body.

The AT 2035’s performance and specs are improved and of better-quality than AT2020. The best thing is that it comes with a lower self-noise feature than its other counterparts. Its tolerance level for high sound levels makes it impressive.  It ships with a custom shock mount and a durable padded pouch.

Furthermore, in terms of value for money, an excellent balance between the two, and outstrips many other mics in its price range. A back electric condenser, the AT2035 mic has a cardioid polar pattern and large-diaphragm that makes it an excellent choice for users looking to focus on vocals and instruments.


  • The at2035 microphone is highly regarded since it’s better than AT202. It has been introduced after improvement on the multiple aspects than AT202. Therefore, this is a perfect combo for you.
  • It comes with clear frequencies and responses ranging from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, thus, it can handle sound levels up to 148dB even without the pad. Moreover, it holds up to an overwhelming 158dB of sound. 
  • The AT2035 comes with an XLR connector that has low-impedance and balanced output, mic can also be used with a phantom power ranging from 11 to 52V.
  • The AT2035 is comparable with several studio-grade condensers, which makes its affordability all the more astonishing.
  • Sound on par with the best
  • Quieter than a mouse
  • The best mic for streaming
  • Can be connected to an audio interface
  • XLR plugs-in is a little small

5. Shure MV7 USB Microphone

Shure MV7 Podcasting Microphone, comes with a dual-format USB/XLR and is designed for podcasters, vocalists, and streamers. This microphone can be used with both USB and XLR outputs for computers and professional interfaces alike. You can call this microphone a game-changer microphone, why? Let’s discover. 

Easy connectivity with USB to explore additional characteristics and set-ups. Moreover, its auto-level mode helps you to channel all the features wherever you want. The best thing is that it has a powerful app that allows its user to use everywhere. 

The ShurePlus™ MOTIV app, where you can control features such as your vocal tone, and distance from the microphone. The ShurePlus™ MOTIV app is available in a desktop version for Mac and PC and also for iOS and Android mobile devices.


  • Along with its dual features, this microphone allows you to use the XLR output to make backup recordings also. This also comes with futureproof, a new studio setup.
  • The microphone is attached to a yoke, also a USB-A cable and a USB-C cable. These can be easily connected directly to your Mac or PC via USB. 
  • Moreover, it can also connect to any IOS and Mac device with a lightning port. It also connects to USB-C android phones.
  • A sturdy and heavy-duty dynamic broadcast mic
  • The microphone has a solid grill
  • Can be attached to a yoke, a USB-A cable, and a USB-C cable
  • Multi-Platform and Dual Format
  • Incompatible with USB-C iPad


What mic does ninja use is an important question and needs a way to resolve. Here we have listed the top 5 microphones to elaborate on What Microphone Does Ninja Use. This isn’t easy to pick the best option available in the market, therefore, you can take help from our guide to get your supreme one. 

The best microphone is the one that can record multiple voices at the same time. It would have the capability to record both front and backward recording voices. Not only that sounds should be crisp and clear without distortion and disturbances.

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