What Microphone Does CaptainSparklez Use? [2022 Updated]

Who is CaptainSparklez?

Jordan Maron, a.k.a CaptainSparklez, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He started his Youtube channel at the age of 18. He first started a “Call of Duty” show on his channel. 

But what gained him popularity was his Minecraft reactions. He started collaborating with ‘Bootstrap” for creating Minecraft parodies. The audience found them very amusing, and it was the time when his career skyrocketed. 

Thus, “besides a gamer, he is a commentator and entertainer as well. Currently, he owns 5 channels working on different niches. His main “CaptainSparklez” channel currently has more than 11 million subscribers.

He is an internet sensation, followed by the masses. From his dressing style to the equipment he uses, his fans keep a close eye on each of their moves. 

It is a matter of the fact that Jordan has an amazing taste in equipment. From his headphones to the microphone, he has amazing tools. They not only look luxurious, but they are functional.

Many of his fans have questioned him regarding his microphone. The microphone he uses has a decent look and gives off voice very nicely. 

If you are also wondering what microphone does CaptainSparklez use. Then, carry on with us till the end of the article, and your curiosity will be well-explained. By the end, you will know what microphone does CaptainSparklez use and what its specifications are.

What Microphone Does CaptainSparklez Use?

Jordan Maron owns 5 different YouTube channels. He is a gamer, a musician and reacts to various gaming videos as well. He has a massive audience; thus, he has to make sure that whatever equipment he uses must be efficient and functional. 

One of the most important things that he has to take care of is his microphone. Yes, for his job, a good-quality microphone is crucial. If the voice quality is not good and well paid, then the videos can look low-quality and give a bad impression on his audience. 

Thus using a microphone of high quality that is visually impressive too is crucial for CaptainSparklez.

Today, we will intrude into his equipment and will find what microphone does CaptainSparklez use

CaptainSparklez had used different microphones throughout his career. But the current one he uses and absolutely loves is the Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser XLR microphone. He’s seen appreciating the microphone’s quality himself. 

If you are planning to buy this microphone, then let’s look at some of the specifications of this microphone.

Audio-Technica AT2035 Microphone on Amazon

This microphone is also available on Amazon and has a rating of 4.5 from over 1,602 customers. This microphone is a product of Audio-Technica and has a sleek matte black design. 

  • It has a large diaphragm installed to catch faint and low sounds and create smooth consistency in the voice.
  • It features a “Cardioid polar pattern” technology that avoids picking up sounds from sides and undesirable places. Thus, it focuses the microphone on catching targeted sounds and voices. 
  • It has a switchable 10 dB octave pad and a high pass filter of 80Hz.
  • It features a high SPL handling system.
  • It has a broad dynamic range that provides versatility in its function.
  • It is designed for streaming, offices, podiums, studios, and live performances.
  • It has an efficient mount shock that helps in keeping the voice balanced.


ElementThe condenser is a permanently polarized, Fixed-charge backplate
Audio Response33 dB
Frequency Response20-20,000 Hz
Low-Frequency Roll-Off10 dB/octave or 80Hz
Impedance120 ohms
Distance from Source6-12 inches
Polar PatternCardioid 
Maximum Input Sound Level148 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D.;158 dB SPL, with 10 dB pad (nominal)
Noise 12 dB SPL
Number of Switches10 dB pad (nominal), a flat switch, and a roll-off button
Phantom Power Requirement11-52V DC, 3.8mA (typical requirement)
Open Circuit Sensitivity-33 dB (22.4 mV) re 1V at 1Pa


  • Length: 6.69”
  • Diameter: 2.05”
  • Weight (in grams): 403 g

What Comes In the Box?

The following items are included in the box with the microphone.

  • A protective pouch.
  • AT8458 shock mount for ⅝” -27 threaded stands.
  • ⅝” -27 to ⅜” -16 threaded adapter.

Note that the XLR cable is not included in the box. Instead, it comes with the podcasting pack. 

Now let’s have a comprehensive study of some of the specifications of this microphone.

Build and Design

The model AT2035 has a typical “Audio Technica” design, and it resembles many other models, such as 20XX and 30XX. It has a solid built and is pretty firm to hold.

Its texture is a mixture of matte and glossy and has a black body. There are two switches at its back for a 10 dB pad and 80 Hz low-cut. 

When the pad is functional, it can handle a maximum SPL of 158 dB at 1% THD, which is pretty high for a normal human ear. This much power is sufficient enough to rupture the eardrums. 

But if you are working with guitars or ASMR sounds, then this extended margin is efficient. 

While on the other hand, the efficiency of its low-cut switch cannot be ignored. When recording in a less-than-ideal acoustic situation, it can assist reduce popping and low-frequency ambiance.

Sound Quality

This microphone comes at a budgeted price of $149. And like other budgeted choices, it features a typical back electret.

But the thing that amazes everyone about this microphone is that it sounds like a true condenser despite having a back electret. True condensers are very expensive and are only expected to be found in premium microphones.

But with this microphone, you get to have the vocals of a condenser from a back electret. 

Frequency Response

The frequency response of this mic is neutral and simple to work with, having a strong bottom end and mid-range. 

The microphone gives a little boost to the high-end voices. This range starts after 2kHz with a gradual increase of 1.5kHz and goes up to 13kHz. At this point, it peaks at 3.5 dB.

It has such a stable curve despite having such a large diaphragm. The pattern is designed in such a way that it provides clarity to the vocals and the instruments used.

It Produces Very Little Noise

Studio professionals prefer a microphone with a noise range of 16dB. But this microphone offers even little noise of only 12dB.

Most of the rooms, even at their quietest, have a noise threshold of over 12 dB. Thus, the threshold noise of only 12 dB is not a matter to be worried about. You can record almost everything from ASMR to the podcast using this microphone. 

It is Ideal For Streaming

Studying its features, we now know why CaptainSparklez has chosen this microphone for streaming on his YouTube channel. First, that it catches no undesirable noise, thanks to its ‘Cardioid Polar Pattern’ technology. 

Moreover, it is highly sound sensitive and can catch even the smallest nuances of the voice you desire to record. It has a smooth midrange, which keeps the vocals balanced.

All of these features make this microphone ideal for streaming videos. 

Audio-Technica AT2035 Microphone Setup

This microphone needs phantom power for its functioning. It can be connected to the preamp using its XLR cable cord. However, an audio interface will be required to connect the microphone with a PC or a laptop.

As far as the voltage is concerned, then you don’t need to worry about that. It has a back electret, which makes its voltage requirement very forgiving, and can operate anywhere between  11-52V DC.

Pros and Cons Based on Reviews From Amazon

People have reviewed it as one of the most efficient microphones for recording and streaming purposes. 

With all of its specifications and features mentioned above, the following are some of the noticed pros and cons reported by the buyers on Amazon. 

  • It can handle high-pressure sound.
  • It has an efficient shock mount.
  • It produces very little noise.
  • It keeps the sound natural and well-balanced.
  • The sound quality is amazing.
  • It has amazing built quality.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • A preamp or audio interface is needed.
  • It comes with no protective case.
  • It has a single polar pattern which ultimately limits the recording options.


This microphone comes at an affordable price. But it is comparable to those expensive studio microphones, thanks to its excellent functionality and high-built quality. It has the capability of handling faint sounds and high noises at the same time.

Now we know what microphone does CaptainSparklez use. Joe Rogan works from home and needs a microphone for basic purposes. 

This microphone is not suitable for professional studio activities since you will need other pricy equipment such as a preamp to attach with this microphone for premium functioning. 

However, this microphone is one of the ideal but basic choices to opt for its price. If you are planning to start your YouTube channel, then this microphone is perfect. 

It makes the high-end vocals crisp and detailed, has a low noise threshold, and acts as a true condenser despite having a back electret.

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