How to set up a condenser mic [2022 Reviews]

Whether you’re podcaster or videographer and want to make a professional video, you’ve to ensures that your mic delivers clearer, crisper and high-quality audio that gives smooth frequency response.

One of the most necessary equipment that enhances the professionality of your videos is condenser mic .condenser microphone are a fundamental tool that delivers high sensitivity to capture noise-free sound.

If you are on this site its means, you purchased a condenser mic but didn’t know how to set up a condenser mic? If you don’t have a microphone and you want to follow onward, then check out our guide on best boom mics and best camera microphones.

In addition to this, If you got brand-new condenser microphone but didn’t find its right connection with a laptop, no problem, we’re here to let to know the simple setup of a condenser mic. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to set up this mic by discussing the following steps.

Setting up a microphone is not as simple as you might think, it’s supposed to be plug and play, but there are some adjustments you probably need to make. Moreover, Readout our microphone guides to choose the perfect mic.

Specification/ what you get in this package

Before going to set up a condenser mic, you must need four things

  • Condenser microphone
  • Microphone stand
  • XLR cable
  • An audio interface            

Microphone stand Setup

The first step is to get a reliable, sturdy microphone. You want to make sure that stand is of high-quality, doesn’t move and works well during recording. If you got any issue in standing up of microphone stand, your audio quality would be hampered.

If the stand moves too much, then there is a possibility that the microphone will capture low-frequency sound, including noise and background vocals.

So you have to set your microphone stand near the computer and laptop. The distance between microphone and computer will be maintained at 4 to 16 inches .this setup is done to make sure that your area is void of any interruptions that may distort the sound waves.

The microphone pattern is switched to cardioid. This setup is so directional that front of the microphone faces the right direction. Just make sure that the microphone is picking up the direct sound and ignore all the sides noises.

Once the microphone is connected, keep the microphone stand as far away as you are comfortable.

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Connection with XLR cables

Once you have done that you should connect the condenser mic to XLR cables. one end of the XLR cable goes in the microphone and plug the other end of the 3.5mm cable into a USB port of your recording device usually computer

You will then open up your audio recording program turn on the phantom power supply and start recording.

It would be best if you also connected the headphone to the microphone when you plug the cable into the output marked phones.

Connection with Audio Interface

Condenser microphone requires phantom power48V, and it’s going to be supplied by mixer, which is called an audio interface. This Behringer mixer has 2 USB connectors in which one of the USB connectors is connected to microphone, and the other end is connected to the audio interface.

Once it’s connected, then you are good to go.

Final thoughts

With the help of modern technology, setting up a condenser mic has become more comfortable and convenient for those users who don’t have any know-how about how to set up a condenser mic. When you purchase a mic and interested in recording a video for youtube and other social media, learning how to set up a condenser mic for recording is essential.

As we mentioned above set up of condenser mic is an easier and straightforward process. If you’re facing any issue regarding its mounting, then you have to concern with manufacturer manual or help desk.

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