How to draw a microphone

You would have seen a microphone, and many of you must also be familiar with its common name, mic. But many of you don’t know how to draw a microphone, so this article will teach you the different techniques to draw a microphone.

Let me tell you about what a microphone is. And why do we need it?

Looking at the trend, we can figure out that Computers and Digital resources are the norms in today’s world, making a microphone a basic unit.

With this device, we may conduct video calls via various internet applications, call a faraway friend or family member, and make our voice available to everyone at any noisy or crowded event or gathering. It’s also known as a voice input device.

Furthermore, most people have experience using a mic. It is a key device in performing activities. It makes your tunes more attractive to the audience.

As a result, a growing number of people are eager to learn how to draw a microphone.

Let’s get started now without wasting time.

Let’s learn how to draw a microphone in different ways. And I suggest you stay on this page to get to know the easiest ways of drawing a microphone.

Method 1:

Starting with one of the most straightforward drawing lessons you are currently reading. Numerous different microphone designs have been created by individuals, including dynamic, aluminum ribbons, and other microphones, as well as the new trendy condenser and electrics microphones.

how to draw a microphone


To begin, all you need to do is draw a straightforward circle. You can see the microphone’s windshield in this picture, also called the grill or head. This part is used for speaking.

step 1


Draw a straight, diagonal line from the windshield to draw the microphone’s casing or body.

step 2


Draw a second straight line from the microphone’s top. In this case, the line should be somewhat forward.

step 3


Create a curve connecting the two lines, entirely encircling the shell.

step 4


Make a curve just on the microphone body, slightly below the top. At the very end of the body, draw another curve that surrounds a circle.

step 5


Small round rectangle followed by a small circular hole is located at the base of the microphone. It is where the microphone cable’s input is connected. The wire is portrayed by drawing a long curve below this.

step 6


The on and off switch could also be drawn on the mic’s body. Begin by drawing a small rectangle. In the next step, you should mark the button in two short lines, one for each of the on and off positions.

step 7


There should be a line in the middle of the microphone consisting of two curved lines and two straight lines that meet at the top.

step 8


You can provide more intricacy to the microphone head’s grill pattern by drawing it. It would be best to begin by drawing many related yet distinct lines. Use additional perpendicular curves to get around them. When finished, the grill will look like it has a checkered pattern.

step 9


The color of your microphone is essential. The bulk are in black or silver, but some are brightly colored. Pink microphones are favored by some female vocalists, while others like brightly colored windshields in shades of orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Method 2:

There are other microphones available, but we choose to illustrate one of the most common. So here I am  going to teach you an easy way to draw a microphone. Therefore, be on this page and  follow these steps carefully.

  1. Like any painting, our microphone sketch begins with the finest detail. Create a simple circular shape for the microphone’s working area. It is a fairly standard shape, which is particularly representative of microphones.
  1. Create a texture inside the box by arcs and crossing lines. The thickness of the grill texture can be enlarged or lessened.
  1. Draw a line and a hold on the microphone for easy handling. And Attach a wire connections to the microphone’s bottom
  1. Decorate the area with a musical notation to give it a more artistic feel.
  1. Short, curved lines are the best way to convey movement in a drawing.
  1. After that, add a lovely shade of color to the microphone sketch to complete it.
  1. Additionally, you must provide shadows. To make it appear as if the light is coming from above, you must put shadows on the microphone’s lower side. Creating shadows in such a drawing is as simple as sketching in a regular pattern on paper.

The microphone is now ready.

Method 3:

There are many microphones to pick from when you need to capture something. Choosing a photo is the first step you’ll need to take to get started with your drawing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never drawn anything like this before; it’s going to be simple.


  • Make a preparatory sketch of the microphone’s recording portion by drawing a medium-sized circle then cutting it out. This design is common and found in a wide variety of microphones. It is possible to find microphones with slender or squared-off bodies.
  • When drawing the microphone, draw two lines down its circumference to depict the part that attaches to the base or is portable. These two vertical line areas must be near to one another as feasible, with a slightly narrower bottom.
  • Make a circle by placing two horizontal lines on it. Because this is only a simple stripe that covers this component of the audio gear, the lines should be a little closer together than they are.
  • Mark cross hatches the rest of the microphone circle with small lines. The length of these crosshatched lines should be consistent.
  • Create a horizontal line at the bottom of the circle. The circle is joined together by this line. The circular portion on the shaft connects to the microphone body via an oval button. In the next step, move down the microphone body. By drawing it, you can build this connection piece. A wired or wireless adapter is attached to the bottom of the device.
  • The body of your microphone should include all of the relevant information mentioned here. Make sure your measurements are proper before printing.
  • You’ll need an ink pen to trace the microphone’s lines one by one. As a result, it will appear more assertive. Completely erase any residual lines with a paper towel when the ink has dried.

Drawing a microphone in WPS

If you want to know how to draw a microphone in WPS, here it is. These steps would tell you basically about how to draw a microphone icon?

  1. When you start a new WPS document, click
  2. [Insert]
  3. [Shape]
  4. [Flowchart End ].

2. Create a shape and assign

  • [Rotate left 90 degrees],
  • [Fill] to green,
  • then [Outline] to black.

3. Click on

  • [Insert]
  • [Shape]
  • [Minus]

4. Set the minus sign

  • [Fill] to green,
  • [ Outline ] to black,
  • [ Beneath the text].

5. Select 

  • [Insert]
  • [Shape]
  • [Hollow Arc].

6. Then you have to click on

  • [Fill] of the hollow arc to green,
  • [Outline] to black,
  • [Vertical Flip].

7. Select

  • [Insert]
  • [Shape]
  • [Minus].

8. Set the minus sign

  • [Fill] to green,
  • [Outline] to black,
  • [Rotate 90 degrees to the right]
  • [Place below the text].

9. Then click on

  • [Insert]
  • [Shape]
  • [Semicircle]

10. Create a semi-circle as the base attaches it to the bottom. Then, add two additional flowcharts to complete the work. When you’re done, all that’s left to do is make the background white. Lastly, save the resulting microphone.


This article teaches the different ways of how to draw a microphone. Methods have been described fully to give you better ideas and guidance about it. I hope this article will make you now able to draw a microphone.

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