Difference Between Condenser And Dynamic Microphone [2022 Reviews]

When you first started recording,one of the important thing you kept in mind is that which microphone comes true to your demands.here we throw light on the difference between condenser and dynamic microphone. choosing one of the two depends on what you use it for.

If you really think about upgrading your professional sounding and little bit confuse about your type of selection then don’t need to worry,here we put the complete detail to knowing the  differnce between dynamic and condenser microphone so you can easily set your mind what you want in your recording

Once you’ve decided to upgrade your video quality, you have to make sure  that microphone you purchase must right for your needs. Don’t overthink which one is best.  Both of the microphone have advantages but are more suited to particular applications.

Have your minds are still confused about what is the difference between a dynamic and condenser microphone.

stop search here,

Lets we dig into further details.

Condenser microphone

Condenser Microphone

As you likely noticed , most of the people have different hobbies ,different profession so they use different types of microphone .whether condenser or dynamic ,its rely on their needs.

Condenser (or capacitor) microphones are most commonly used in studios. in addition with other features,its main function is to pick up sounds with great detail and accuracy.

This microphone  is constructed with a lightweight membrane (called diaphragm) which is suspended by a fixed plate. The  sound waves vibrate a very thin metal coated-plastic diaphragm. The diaphragm is mounted  in front of a backplate. condenser microphone is historically known as a capacitor microphone, as it contains capicstor which has the ability to store a charge or voltage. When the element is charged, an electric field is setup between the diaphragm and the backplate. when the diaphragm  move, it creates an electrical output corresponding to the sound picked up by a condenser microphone.

The condenser microphone have higher senstivity so they are preferrable to pick up more delicate sound and amplify higher frequency sound waves.

In term of budget, condenser microphone are more costly then dynamic but it possess some wonderful components that can readily  made with higher sensitivty and provide more natural,smoother and high frequency response.

Condenser microphone work on the principle of variable capistance.this microphone require battery to operate it.condenser microphone use phantom power , or power from any other external source mostly 48V that generate high output.

Moreover, Condenser microphone have wide range of applications as they are excellent in field and studio recording.they are more sensitve than dynamic as they are suited to capture clear crisper and detailed audio.

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Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic Microphone

Unlike condenser microphone ,dynamic microphone are mostly used in live concerts . when you’re in search of best microphone that pick up louder sound within reasonable range ,then dynamic microphone are the perfect tool for singers and podcasters.

The difference between condenser and dynamic microphone  is to capture low and high frequency sound.this microphone is useful in recording loud sound when you re in singing live.

Dynamic  micrphone is reasonalby priced,due to their compact design and compatibilty with other gadgets so this one is more frequently used in live performances.

the diapharam of this microphone is still hard that can never be distorted even you apply lot of pressure on it. Unlike condensers, they use a wire coil  inside the microphone that has certain weight .the coil is uded to amplify signal picked up by the diaphragm.when the sound waves pass through the diapharam, it vibrates the coil and electrical signal is produced. if you want to capture a quiet sound or perhaps a sound of particularly low  or high  frequency, the coil will not vibrate sufficiently to generate an accurate signal response.

Unlike condenser microphone, dynamic microphone have realitevely simple construction so it can be easily handled and provide excellent sound quality to all areas of microphone without any distortion.as many other features such as  reliability and durability,dynamic microphone are widely used in live shows and concerts as well.

A dynamic microphone is a fantastic choice for your home studio.if you’re looking for best dynamic microphone that works great in a live setting like a concert then you have to choose the Shure SM58 which is popular for its durability.this microphone not only handle plosive sound but also produced high volume.

One of the major difference between dynamic microphone and condenser microphone is frequency response.dynamic microphone pickup the sound waves that have a frequency range of 20Hz –20,000Hz.the mic is able to give output of these frequencies in its mic signal.the microphone frequency response increase the sensitivity of these microphone towards louder sound pickup

As we know all types of condenser microphone need some kind of power supply but dynamic microphones doesn’t need  power supply.

everyone looks  for the best microphone that will cost less and  gives high frequency output.one of the vast difference between dynamic microphone and condenser microphone is price point .in term of budget ,dynamic microphone are usually inexpensive than the condenser microphone.

If you have low budget then don’t need to worry ,dynamic microphone are for you. you’ll not regret to buying  this one


If you are in the market,and want to buy professional microphone that stand out first in your home recording or studio shooting, there are plenty of options of product that suits to your needs.the selection mostly based on what will you do with microphone .whether it may be condenser or dynamic microphone, you must get the tough and reliable microphone that will done the great job in music concert and live performances.

Before purchasing  any other microphone you must have the broad mind set about its design and woking.because of the thin diapharam,condenser mics are widely used in studio recording . these microphone are highly specific for capturing more clearer and delicate sound but didn’t work well for big booming sound . while on the other hand dynamic microphone work great for  big booming sound so if you want to pick up powerful voice in singing and live concerts then dynamic microphone are the best option for you.

This article is well-defined picture for all thore users who have little bit confuse about  the selection of  two types of microphone.we’ve talked  the  difference between condenser and dynamic microphone .if you have different zone of recording via quite environment or a noisy surrounding  then this article will help you to gain enough knowledge about the two types of microphone and select according to your need.

The dynamic microphone are highly recommendable for capturing strong and louder sound such as in live concert  wheres concendser microphone are preferably used for recording soft and delicate sound in quite environment such as studio.

Hopefully,this article might help you to know deeply about condenser and dynamic microphone.

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