Best USB Microphone Under 200 [2022]

If you are looking for the best USB microphone under 200, you are in the right place. As you know, microphones come in different shapes and sizes.  Also, they have different sounds, feels and overall design and vary according to price.

Content creators like YouTubers, podcasters, live streamers, and many more need microphones to work effectively. This is extremely important if you are working with sound creation; your sound will be delivered efficiently. 

It would be best to buy a microphone that has a frequency higher than 16-bit / 48 kHz. This will be excellent for doing YouTube videos, streaming, and gaming. 

This is where microphones come forward to make your work easy and to pay for your hard work. You can buy any kind of microphone that suits your requirements, but you should know few things about each if you are beginner. Here we are going to describe about the top ten USB microphone under 200. So without wasting your precious time let’s get started.

Top Ten USB Microphone under 200

1. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Microphone 

This is one of the best USB microphones under 200 and used for home recording studios. The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a fantastic choice because it’s a condenser microphone and comes with extensive features. It’s perfect, versatile and the best choice for vocalists, instrumentalists. 

Also, it’s an exceptional choice for non-musical users like online meetings, games, and many more. This is a low-mass condenser microphone and is designed explicitly for transient responses and extended frequency. 

This is one of the affordable microphones that comes with a polar pattern and cardioid pattern. The cardioid pattern is helpful to cancel out the outside noise and filter out the sound when picking from outside. Thus, provide the voice which is reliable and only capture the front sound.

Not only that, The AT2020’s rugged build makes it highly durable. Its robust design makes it an exceptional pick. It came with a turning and threaded mount that allows you to attach to the mic anywhere. 

This microphone comes with a brutal metal protector ad a capsule which gives it a solid built. It also has another layer of finer mesh that is helpful to reduce popping, but this also has an external popping solid mesh that works as shielding and protector. This is excellent for vocal recordings. 

  • Inexpensive.
  • Well-engineered.
  • Comes with a metal protector.
  • Good sound on vocals and instruments.
  • Noise level somewhat higher than average.

2. Samson Technologies Q2U USB/XLR Dynamic Microphone

Samson Q2U is one of the best microphones that falls under the category of dynamic and audio analogue microphones. It comes with XLR and USB outputs that make it an excellent choice for mobile recording and home/studio.

Also, it’s a number one choice for the ones who are stage performers and live streamers. This microphone is simple and has smart setup and comes with outshines mic. It also has a mic clip and a tripod stand for the desktop that help to stand with a windscreen.

This microphone is the perfect pick for new streamers, podcasters, and those who are thinking to make a new podcasting or production studio. The microphone delivers high-quality audio effortlessly ad even with minima setups. 

This can be easily connected with the headphone and has a 1/8″ (3.5mm) headphone output to monitor the capturing audio. Also, this can easily capture audio from your desktop computer. You will find this is the best mic for home recordings.

Not only that, it has a dynamic capsule that makes it an excellent option for instruments miking, vocal miking, and for amplification. It has high-quality analogue-to-digital converters which provide perfect audio reproduction.

  • USB output for connecting to any device.
  • XLR output to connect with any mixer/PA system.
  • 1/8″ stereo headphone output with level control.
  • Dual-color Power/Clip LED.
  • It’s pretty long and gives less clearance with the keyboard.

3. Blue Yeti USB Mic

No doubt, the Blue Yeti is by far one of the best microphones under $200, and it’s famous for its versatility and high quality. If a traditional condenser microphone isn’t your thing, we have an excellent alternative here with user reviews to back it up. 

This customized best-selling USB mic provides a ton of flexibility, allowing you to record great music, podcasts, vocals, or even audio for videos such as voiceovers or sound effects. When it comes to USB microphones, the Blue Yeti is by far one of the best under $200 and most popular choices in terms of less expensive, versatile, and high-quality microphones. 

The benefit of USB microphones is the wide range of applications, and anything you can think of that involves a PC or Mac, it can handle, and not only mention the ease of plug-and-play.

This also has a custom tripod and a tri-capsule technology to switch between different polar patterns. This feature is excellent for the customization of pickup when you need to use it for various applications.

Besides this, the microphone is multipurpose and inflexible from other microphone and can be the best thing for interviews and recording podcasts. It has four power saving options that allows you to have different factors in running, which you need.

  • Audio clarity works well with the software.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • It’s solid, so well suited for desktop.
  • The mic plugs directly into the computer, with no interface.
  • USB cable is under the mic and needs a little care.

4. Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Microphone

Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Microphone is one of the best USB microphones under 200. The USB output links to your computer (Windows and Mac) for digital recording, and the XLR output connects to your sound system’s standard microphone input for usage in live performance. Both USB and analogue operations include on/off switch functionalities.

Portable dynamic microphone with USB-C digital and XLR analogue outputs. Durable metal construction ensures long-lasting performance, and the smooth, extended frequency response is ideal for podcasting, home studio recording, field recording, voiceover, and other content production applications.

It has an immaculate appearance and is relatively light. It also comes with a bit of tripod, which is a bonus. The advantage of podcasting over having a YouTube channel is that it can be done anywhere. You could basically pack it in your bag and grab a laptop and record any episode anywhere with incredible quality.

The ATR2100x is fantastic for podcasting. You could mount it on the mike arm, and it would look awesome. You may also obtain something like a pop filter. That’s something you will probably love.

The ATR-2100x also contains a headphone jack, which is crucial since it provides instantaneous feedback of your speech in your ears while simultaneously conveying audio from the device to which it is connected. It is usually best to listen to your voice in your ears without delay to strengthen excellent microphone habits such as facing the microphone.

  • The XLR/USB output availability.
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • It filters out all of the background noise.
  • This mic is in the cheaper range.
  • The mic is heavy, for starters.

5. Rode NT-USB-Mini USB Microphone

Rode’s NT-USB Mini is a tight USB microphone intended for players, podcasters, musicians, streamers and voiceover operators. But surprisingly, with its metal bracket that enables the microphone to move in 360 degrees, it weights 585g against 520g, a few grammes more. 

Both – new and previous modal, feel solid and substantial with reassurance in their hands. The Mini has a built-in pop filter in the first bonus over their elder sister. However, the original comes with a vast, separate filter, making it a lot bigger to fit.

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Rode’s high-tech audio equipment has long been renowned. It is typically a piece of good advice for those who want to enhance their position from semi-pro to pro-streaming. However, the expense was always a sticking point as Rode’s equipment was typically biased to the serious consumer. 

The Mini’s $100 pricing makes it a wonderful option for anybody searching for a decent microphone that travels nicely and preserves its usual Rode robustness. While doing the test recordings, you can hear the quality, if not better, of the microphone on the market than more costly ones. 

The microphone has one fantastic feature that you should know: it provides you with an audio without delaying out further. You will immediately hear your voice after speaking. 

It comes with Zero latency surveillance mode eliminates the delay in replaying of your audio. This is crucial since it might be great to hear your own voice a few milliseconds after the conversation, depending on the sort of setup you have. This is quite good for everything.

  • The NT-USB Mini is a compact.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • It comes with a desk stand.
  • No drivers or software are needed
  • The mic doesn’t have a volume control.

6. Samson XPD2 Lavalier USB Digital Wireless System

With Samson XPD2 Lavalier, you may use its unique USB stick recipient to bring a wireless microphone to many sound applications. The XPD2 Lavalier is suitable for live performances, digital communications and mobile production thanks to its easy setup, superb full-scale audio and 100″ wireless operation.

XPD2 combines amazing audio quality, simple operation and tiny reception technology making it incredibly easy and economical to add wireless microphones to your audio production. The RXD2 USB drive transmitter may connect directly to PCs or Macs, or to any portable PA system with USB Wireless connector from any of the Samson Expedition Series. 

The 1/8 inch or the XPD2 Handheld may be supplied to any device which has a line-input analogue, including the smartphone and other mobile devices as an additional feature of its earlier generation system, the 3.5mm output.

You have to utilize Apple’s Lightning to a USB Camera converter to connect to an iOS smartphone. You will need an OTG host adapter to connect to an Android smartphone. XPD2 Wireless provides digitally transmitted audio of great quality. 

This form of wireless technology enables the transmitter to broadcast an uncontrolled signal to the receiver so that the signal to ring of your audio is higher than the standard wireless system. The result is a sounding performance like the use of a corded microphone.

  • Creates clear and crisp sound.
  • Allows users to move around though using.
  • Thoughtful add-ons.
  • It produces good audio quality.
  • Not a good choice to record singing voice.

7. SAMSON Technologies SAMSON G-Track Pro Professional USB Condenser Microphone

The G-Track Pro is fantastic, and its holding and inspecting felt like a tank. The structure is composed of zinc cast so that there is no cost-effective plastic here. What you will enjoy, is that little desktop stand which makes it excellent for placing it in your current installations. 

If you prefer, you can remove the support and fit it on a microphone stand at any point, no matter, it is a platform or even a standard arm. You will certainly not break the buttons and ins and outs if you take care of this. It will be a long-term investment and will take years. It definitely will continue.

The changeable polar patterns are another great advantage of a USB mic at this pricing bracket. For many applications, the cardioid pattern is your primary go-to, particularly whether a podcast or a kind of voice is recorded on your desk or in the studio.

The omnidirectional pattern may be useful for certain people if you want to pick up a whole band or a trio in the studio. The final two patterns are not very common though, this is recommend to stick to a typical XLR connected condenser particularly for those professional recording.

A huge benefit too is the gain control on the microphone device itself. Turn the button by hand simply if you want to change the volume of your recordings. The additional buttons below may likewise regulate volume and headphone levels of the instrument.

 Also, don’t position the mic straight to your face if you would normally use the G-Track Pro with its desktop stand while you are seated. Hold it face up, instead, so that your mouth faces the front and your audio can be captured. It’s a mic on the side.

  • All-in-one USB mic and interface.
  • Dual 1″ condenser capsules.
  • Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz–20 kHz.
  • May work differently of different inputs and outputs.

8. SAMSON Meteor Mic USB Studio Condenser Microphone

The Meteor Samson Mic is a USB mic that looks fantastic and is one of the best USB microphone under 200. It was an intense bestseller when Samson introduced this microphone. In the second place it looks beautiful at your desk. It provide value for spending money for buying.

The headphone socket is the most helpful feature. This may seem a little function, but you will quickly realize, when you attempt to record voice overviews without headphones, that direct monitoring is practically necessary. It’s also good for gaming and for zooming or skype where you want to engage.

The microphone comes with a polar patterns like cardioid pattern and supracardioid pattern which makes it an excellent noise reduction microphone. You will be pleased to know that it has very easy setup, which makes it awesome product.

The Samson Meteor Mic is great for podcasting, too. It’s a big condenser diaphragm microphone, thus the transmission quality is excellent. Your speech is clearer than utilizing a built-in mic on your computer or mobile devices.

The Samson Meteor USB Mic is a big diaphragm compact microphone that allows you to record and be excellent for vocals as well as guitar and other acoustic instruments. It is really easy to configure, operate and simply play with the microphone.

  • Professional USB microphone.
  • Fold-back legs provide optimal positioning for mic.
  • Zinc die-cast construction along with chrome-plated finish.
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20 Hz–20 kHz.
  • Its mute button may picks up quite a bit of noise when in use.

9. Blue Snowball ICE USB Mic

The Blue Snowball Ice arrives in a reasonably big package. It’s rectangular in form and looks incredible. As in, it’s completely covered with various visuals and information. However, the whole packing is excellent. 

It’s essentially a cardboard sandwich with the Blue Snowball Ice microphone sandwiched in between. If you’re not cautious, the microphone will fall out. The cable is about 1.9 m / 6.2 feet long. Underneath that is a second box that you must gently remove. 

It’s simple to set up and can be used to make Cassette tape recordings and livestreams for YouTube, SoundCloud, and other platforms. It’s also simple to make podcasts and add narration to home videos.

If you use the iCE instead of your desktop constructed mic, you will noticeably increase your sound quality while using Skype, Twitch, FaceTime, or any other voice applications. You may even record equipment, singers, and full bands in high-quality audio.

The Snowball iCE produced great audio quality thanks to an unique cardioid condenser capsule. It looked and sounded fantastic. The most notable omission is a headphone jack. As a consequence, you’ll have to depend on your computer’s built-in speakers to hear the findings.

  • Affordable.
  • Delivers crisp audio due to cardioid recording pattern.
  • No DSP means pure signal.
  • Plug-and-play ready.
  • Only 44.1 kHz/16 bit.

10. Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone

The Yeti X is a more streamlined, premium-looking version of its predecessor. The redesigned peripheral sports a sleek two-tone design with a thinner black body and a coating of gleaming silver on the microphone filter and base. 

The Yeti X features the same four recording modes as its predecessor. However, Blue’s new microphone distinguishes itself from its predecessor the instant you put it in and witness the gadget light up with a flutter of LED dots surrounding the volume knob.

The best thing about the LD is that it help you to provide high-resolution and enhance your voice level. It has 11-segmet LED metre. You can easily see at first look whether the voice level is low or high.  Also, you can adjust it whatever you want. 

It comes with four-capsule array that record renowned Blue broadcast sound with more concentration and clarity than ever before for professional-level gaming, Twitch broadcasting, podcasting, and YouTube productions. This is one of the best USB microphone under 200. 

Not only that it comes with a Smart knob that is multi-functions. This work quickly to gain control over headphone volume, mute button, and provide a single voice from both headphone and computer.

  • It has excellent voice clarity.
  • It has On-mic button/knob controls.
  • It comes with Plug and Play on PC/MAC.
  • It provides Blue Voice broadcast vocal effects.
  • Pricey for beginners.

Our recommended picks:


Here we have described about the top 10 best USB mic under 200. The best microphone is the one which has all the feature like it should has cardioid patterns, omnidirectional pattern and supra cardioid patterns. These are excellent for removing the outside noise and make the audio crisp and clear. 

Also, it should be free from capturing the background music or sounds because this will become the source of distraction. Not only that, it should be able to work for Youtubers, podcasters, live streamers, and many more. Thus, choose the one which has all such features. 

Besides this, a microphone will be a good microphone if it comes with a zero latency because this makes the microphone for immediate response without delaying the sound. Rode NT-USB-Mini USB Microphone is the mic that comes with zero latency and has no late reactions. It gives on spot speak up and sound immediately hearing. 

Moreover, it should be easy to set up and easy to use. There should be no extra gear to work with the microphone because it is inappropriate for some users. This should also be of a compact shape and robust design because this is what makes the microphone available for more extended use. It would be best if you went with low noise production, but it will highly recommend high-quality sound production.

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