Best Shotgun Mic for Music in 2021- Ultimate Reviews

If you are looking to achieve professional sound quality in your video projects and music concerts. you’re probably in search of the best shotgun mic for music. this detailed guide will provide the list of best shotgun mics

Best Shotgun Mic for Music

Whether you’re recording music for narrative films or documentaries, recording studio tracking voice-overs, or specific musical instruments, the best shotgun microphone will prove to be an essential piece of equipment.

Shotgun mics are responsible for picking up audio in any situation, so singers rely on them because they can enhance their work efficiency and make them ideal for film music, as you never know what you’re going to run.

A shotgun mic for music is a highly directional microphone that records a concentrated “beam” of audio in the live concert from only the direction it is facing while ignoring all the loud, rumble sounds from the desired location.

If you’re not already a seasoned location sound professional, it’s hard to know which shotgun microphones should you use. You don’t need to worry; scroll down and understand the given concept about shotgun mic .hopefully, selecting the best shotgun mic for music will become more comfortable for you after reading this article.

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Whether you’re live-streaming a stay-at-home concert, playing with your favorite music pitch, podcasting lives, or recording a movie song in your living room, and you’ll need such good sound bass that makes video quality super. That’s where we came here to guide you. Recommend the best shotgun mic that will suit you. We compiled a list of the best shotgun microphones for music.

 Here are our top picks.

In a hurry? Here is our top PICKS
  • Weight: 16 Ounces
  • Polar Pattern: Line-gradient
  • Color:Black
Check Price
  • Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Check Price
  • Weight: 1.6 Pounds
  • Material: Wood
Check Price
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Connector Type: Unidirectional
  • Color: Black
Check Price
Audio- Technica BP4071 Condenser Microphone
  • Weight: 16 Ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Connector Type: XLR Connector
Check Price

1. Audio-Technica AT897 Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Audio Technica AT897 Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Suppose you want to pick up lifelike sound for your recorded music and live productions. The Audio-Technica AT897 professional microphone is a classic piece of equipment for your broadcasts, film, TV, and video production. Whether you work in the studio or record music, you can record crystal-clear audio without any noise interference.

The Audio-Technica AT897 condenser microphone is a unique device capable of picking subtle sounds from its environment while eliminating the noise coming from its handling, wind, and breath. this mic comes with an internal shock mount that keeps noise from your hands away from your music recordings during handheld use of the mic, while the windscreen shields the diaphragm from wind, breezes, and breathing sounds

 Robust Design

The Audio-Technica AT897 shotgun is a small slim mic, easy to use in the field. Excellent build quality and finish. All metal, yet very lightweight. Audio Technica not only values professionalism but quality as well.

Its short 11-inch length makes it portable to record music, whether indoors or outdoors. It can easily mount on a variety of video camera models due to its small size. This Audio-Technica line and gradient condenser microphone are compatible with a wide range of gear and accessories. The mic came in its leather-like case with interior foam. A mic clip, battery, and adapter were included with the mic and an external windscreen. Even the mic stand adapter is quality construction.

 You can also use this mic comes with standard 3-prong XLR cables if Audio-Technica AT897 shotgun microphones offer fantastic audio quality and robust design features, which come in handy in both studio and location production settings.

Smooth on-axis Sound Quality

The Audio- Technica AT897 mic features a narrow acceptance angle. It means that the microphone picks up sounds at longer distances but only directly in front of the subject. Off-axis audio from the mic’s sides and back can be neglected by its Line+ gradient polar pattern. This mic features a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 hertz, offering plenty of detail and depth. Low-frequency sounds appear deep and textured without rumbling, whereas high frequencies add color without excessive hissing. The sound quality is tremendous! It is the perfect model for picking up precisely what’s in front of it.

Bass Roll-Off Filter

A low-frequency roll-off switch keeps unwanted rumbling and humming noise at bay and even destroys your audio quality. The mic has a high-pass filter set to flat or 80 Hz to reduce low-frequency noise from regular air conditioners and traffic sources.

Battery or Phantom power

Like other condenser microphones, this best shotgun mic for music requires phantom power for its work. To operate, You can connect a phantom power source to the desired device. If electronic components are to be used, then use 1.5 AA/UM3 batteries.

 The maximum input sound level is 129 decibels SPL in phantom power mode and 115 decibels SPL in battery power mode. The mic also features an impedance of 200 ohms with phantom power and 300 ohms with battery power.

  • Accurate, rich sound is produced.
  • Versatile performance
  • Decent build quality
  • Affordable price
  • Relatively low noise
  • The roll-off switch is not easily accessible
  • Windscreen is worthless

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best shotgun mic for music canon, Audio-Technica AT897 Microphone will serve you well. This microphone is budget-friendly, easy to use, and delivers excellent audio quality without the hassle of background noise.

It has the advantage of more excellent range and using AA batteries or phantom power. We tested it with a variety of cameras, and the audio quality is excellent.

2. Neumann KMR82 I mt Long Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Neumann KMR 82 i mt Microphone

The next best shotgun mic for recording music on our list handles challenging situations easily with increased directivity, low self-noise levels, and increased consonant articulation. The Neumann KMR 82 I is designed for use at a distance, having the capability for picking clear, crisper sound even in noisy environments.

This mic proves to be a favorite for video, voiceover, and even music production. Neumann shotgun microphones offer superb audio qualities that make them the best option for several specific applications, including live concerts. Whether you’re shooting your next indie film song on DSLRs or recording audiobooks, KMR 82 I shotgun mic helps you great.

Interference/Pressure Gradient Transducer

The Neumann KMR 82 I Shotgun Microphone comes with a pressure gradient transducer and an interference tube. When the recorded frequency wavelength is longer than the tube length, the microphone works as a pressure gradient transducer.

  Its frequency range is impressive, ranging from 20Hz to 20KHz, making it perfect for picking up dynamic musical instruments. At higher frequencies, it operates as an interference transducer for lateral sound.

Directional Polar Pattern

The KMR 82 is a shotgun microphone that has very directional characteristics. Neumann KMR 82 I comes with a lobe-shaped pickup pattern that is very directional and frequency-independent. The KMR 82 has a frequency-independent directivity within a pickup angle of 45° for audio signals that determine the tonal balance. Its transducer provides an optimized acoustic impedance that delivers better low noise performance.

Excellent Sound Quality

Neumann KMR 82 offers a superior sound quality. The KMR 82 I offers very low self-noise of only 12 dB-A and high sensitivity of 21 mV/Pa. This mic can handle high SPLs of up to 128 dB without noise distortion.

High-Pass Filter

Neumann has a high pass filter that suppresses subsonic interference, such as wind and handling noise. Using the low cut switch can shift the filter frequency to 120 Hz to compensate for the proximity effect. This mic also has another control that can activate the electronic filter that reduces the sibilance problems in close recording at the subject source.

  • Best suited to broadcasting recording
  • High directivity with 45 recording angle
  • Natural sound with off-axis rejection
  • Less power is consumed
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Excellent rejection of noise
  • No cons

Final Verdict

When shopping for the best shotgun mic, the very first thing that’s going to be considered by most consumers is their budget. If you need a more advanced and professional microphone, Neumann is worth seeing as an option for you. This mic is a short, dynamic, high-tech mic, with is very easy to handle and offers excellent results. This model provides all the features of an analog mic, which you will not regret after buying this.

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3. Schoeps CMIT 5U Shotgun Microphone

Schoeps CMIT 5U Shotgun Microphone

Schoeps CMIT 5U is an excellent shotgun microphone that has both indoor and outdoor applications. Most sound engineers recommend this mic for TV/Film productions and location recording because this model delivers customizable tone and excellent sound quality.

The CMIT 5U has a much stronger directionality and reliability that results in better sonic character with smooth, higher frequencies. This best shotgun mic for music gives you the exceptional sound quality you need plus the features you want in your professional sound recording.

Supercardioid/lobar Polar Pattern

The Schoeps CMIT 5U comes with the super-cardioid polar pattern that gives directional characteristics. As is typical with all microphones, this mic increases the directionality with a frequency that results in a balanced, smooth, and neutral sonic character. Due to the lobar symmetrical polar pattern, the off-axis pickup level decreases steadily and naturally at all angles.

Excellent Sound Quality

since its directional pattern stays the same in both vertical and horizontal planes, the sound quality of CMIT 5 remains constant even if the microphone is rotated on its axis. The CMIT 5 is designed for neutral, transparent capture of music, dialogue, foley, sound effects, and instruments. The microphone features a 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, low self-noise of 13 dBA, and moderate sensitivity of -35 dB, which is best suited to high-gain mic preamp.

Customizable Tone

The microphone has three pushbutton-activated filters that allow the mic to adapt to the recording situation:

  • Turn on the high-frequency emphasis (+5 dB at 10 kHz) enhances speech intelligibility and compensates for high-frequency loss caused by windscreens;
  • Activate a gentle low-frequency roll-off (6 dB/oct. below 300 Hz) compensates for the proximity effect.
  • Activate the steep low-cut filter (18 dB/octave below 80 Hz) to suppress boom and wind noise.

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Pairs of LEDs are present next to each pushbutton that indicates the action of the filters. While in the dark, the user can read the settings and see that the microphone is in motion. The settings are maintained when the microphone is switched off.

Phantom Power

The CMIT 5 consists of balanced 3-pin XLR output that is gold plated. The mic requires phantom power of 48 VDC for its operational behavior. The mic shows compatibility with various field recorders, handheld audio recorders, mixer adapters, and built-in preamps on many camcorders and cinema cameras.

Windscreen Minimizes Wind Noise.

The CMIT 5 includes a foam windscreen that prevents recording unwanted wind noise from breezes, fans, heaters, and air conditioners. if you want to gain detailed audio in indoor or outdoor environments and reduce the maximum wind noise, consider the Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit (Medium) blimp-style windshield and suspension system

  • Off-axis rejection is great
  • Produced cleaner sound in even noisy environment
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Wide and flat frequency response
  • 48V phantom power
  • Adjustable three switches
  • It will be hard to work with the boom

Final Verdict

 Schoeps CMIT 5U Shotgun Mic has been a real surprise in its ability to benefit those with a smaller budget that wish to have good sound in their videos. This microphone has a compact design that offers a more significant frequency response not only for mighty audio power but also inherit tremendous versatility.

4. Sony ECM678/ 9X Shotgun Microphone

Sony ECM678/ 9X Shotgun Microphone

if you want professional sound quality in your professional music recording, the ECM-678 is the best choice for you. The Sony microphone balances the need for a compact size with its functionality to deliver a professional voice tone.

The Sony ECM-678 is a short shotgun microphone, which delivers outstanding sound performance in all field production, broadcast studio, professional video, film, and field audio applications. It is designed to use Sony professional camcorders such as the HDV Series, DVCAM Series, and XDCAM Series.

Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern

This professional microphone features a super-cardioid polar pattern that enhances its directional response to a greater extent. Its directional design allows the mic to pick up clear target signals while reducing noise and ambiance at the microphone’s off-axis sections.

The ECM-678 comes with a newly developed microphone capsule, which provides a superb sensitivity of -28 dB and an extremely low inherent noise of less than 16 dB SPL. This enhances the feature of clearest pick-up of even the faintest sounds at long distances.

Professional Sound Quality

many top music producers, when recording music, always use a shotgun mic for capturing crystal-clear sound. If you demand excellent sound quality in your video rig, have a Sony ECM678 shotgun microphone for your recording, it could be the goldmine you’ve been seeking!

The ECM-678 microphone has a high and flat frequency response that will deliver smooth and natural sound. Its balanced frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz enables accurate, detailed reproduction of sound in a wide range of signal sources.

Low-Cut Filter

The ECM-678/9X comes with a low-cut filter switch that provides users with a simple method of reducing low-frequency hum, wind noise, undesired ambient noise, and proximity effect noise.

Boom Pole Mounting

The ECM-678/9X is mounted easily on boom poles and Sony HDV Series, DVCAM Series, and XDCAM Series cameras.

  • Flat and wide frequency response
  • Superb sound quality
  • Powered via phantom power or AA battery
  • Low-self noise
  • Ideal for boom pole mounting
  • Windscreen reduces wind noise.
  • Expensive
  • A mic clip is not sturdy.

Final Verdict

If you need a microphone for professional music recording under a high budget, you should most definitely consider the Sony ECM678 Shotgun Microphone. This microphone is designed to give detailed focused sound quality output results. This affordable best shotgun mic for music is the feasible option until you get something a little nicer.

5. Audio- Technica BP4071 Condenser Microphone

Audio- Technica BP4071 Condenser Microphone

If you want to produce a great video, you’re going to need great-sounding audio along with your picture. Here, you find an inexpensive shotgun mic intended to provide better audio; Audio- Technica BP4071 will meet your needs. Audio Technica shotgun microphone is the best shotgun mic for music that has been specially designed to meet the needs of broadcast, film, television, music recording outdoors, and theater applications.

Audio Technica BP4071 comes at a length of 39.5 cm and tends to be very rugged. Shotgun mic of this type having a low noise level and provide balanced XLR audio output results in a clear and clean signal, even in high-output conditions.

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Line + Gradient polar pattern

The BP4071 consists of a directional capsule (gradient) and an interference tube. Due to its length factor, the BP4071 is considered among the most extended shotgun microphones on the market today.

This mic boasts a too narrow Line + gradient polar pattern. It offers excellent rejection from the microphone’s sides and rear, along with crisp, intelligible audio reproduction for long-distance pickup.

Because of its too narrow polar pattern, the BP4071 is developed initially for capturing a sound source from the desired direction while reducing unwanted background noise or interference.

Perfect Sound Quality

The only time that you should use the flat setting was when recording music or select sound effects in a controlled situation with the mic securely shock-mounted and anchored on a stand.

These devices are famous for imparting clearer, richer sound. That’s why Condenser shotgun mics are used on feature films, and episodic TV costs a bit more and requires phantom power from the mixer or recorder. BP4071 deliver a low noise floor and direct-coupled, balanced output for a clean signal even in high-output conditions

Low-Cut Filter

A switchable low-cut filter is present for better production of clear and precise capture of distant audio. The low-cut filter reduces sensitivity to low-frequency ambient noise such as traffic noise, ventilation, wind noise, the room’s reverberation, or mechanical vibrations transmitted through the recording device.


Audio- Technica BP4071 Condenser Microphone comes with various accessories, including mic clip, foam windscreen, two o-ring adapters, and protective carry case. The BP4071 has a foam windscreen to reduce unwanted wind noise from breezes, fans, heaters, and air conditioners.

  • Rugged housing quality
  • Excellent off-axis noise rejection
  • Switchiable 80Hz high-pass filter & 10dB pas
  • High intelligibility in a noisy environment
  • Equipped with windscreen
  • Quality sound recording
  • Little resistance to humidity
  • Carry case feel a bit frugal

Final Verdict

Suppose you are looking for a suitable microphone for your music recording. In that case, Audio-Technica BP4071 Microphone is the perfect option for you. The BP4071 has a compact size and a rugged aluminum casing. The microphone is nicely made, and its superior Line + gradient cardioid design is susceptible to pick up sound from a distant source and reduce ambient operational sound during recording.


whether you are a professional, beginner, or a hobbyist looking for the best shotgun mic for music videos, We hope that this detailed guide has helped you find the best shotgun mic for your needs.

It may be time to revise the best shotgun mic for live music that one can buy without any hassle. At this point, you may be surprising which mics are the best ones, and that depends on what you want out of your directional mic for music recording and your budget. Because of their versatility, we’d always recommend having a shotgun mic in your kit bag, and you will enjoy it.

We highly recommend that the Neumann microphone is the unique one that fulfills your needs. This microphone ensures that the sound capture is precisely the same as you want to record; it will also ignore the ambient voice and loud background sound.

If you want a shotgun mic for the music video with superb performance, then you’ll enjoy the Schoeps CMIT 5U.On the other hand, if you are searching for a microphone that is as compact and affordable as possible, then you’ll love the Audio Technica AT897.

We have compiled much knowledge about the best shotgun microphone for music. This article will help you select the best microphone according to your standard without any headache, frustration, and anxiety. We wish best of luck in choosing the right microphone for you and your needs.

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