Best Shotgun Mic for iPhone [2022]

If you are an iPhone user, then you must know that iPhone already has very good sound features and they do not require any extra accessory to fulfill their requirement. But you might need an additional device that will help you enhance the voice quality of your videos. If you are running a YouTube channel, or podcasting or interviewing, then you will need a shotgun mic. 

In this post, we will give you detailed information about the best shotgun mic for the iPhone that will amaze you with their high definition voice results.

NOTE: It is recommended to switch on the flight mode during the recordings to avoid any connectivity issue from your contact list. It will also help in reducing the distortion problem.

We are giving you details about the


1. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

The Movo VXR10 is a universal video microphone that works far better than the built in microphone of your iphone. It is specially designed to improve the audio quality of your videos. This microphone does not require any additional battery for operation. You can simply attach it to your device and you are ready to go.

The microphone is provided with a cardioid capsule that improves the sound quality. It helps in recording the sound that is in front of it. With a shock mount accessory, it provides easy handling and reduces the chance of any sound that is produced during the handling of the microphone.


  • Universal Compatibility:Movo VXR10 can be used as a universal microphone as it is compatible to use with iPhone, Android, Camcorders, Tablets and Audio recorders. You can now have your desired audio recordings, no matter what device you are using.
  • Professional Movo mic: This microphone has an aluminium body that is black in color. Its battery-free design and shock mount makes it easy to use and handle.
  • Warranty: This user-friendly product comes with a warranty of 1 year to save you from any technical issue. You can ask help from the professionals’ team. It is suggested that if you are using this microphone with a DSLR camera, you should use the manual control options on your camera.
  • Memory maker: You can now save your precious memories with Movo VXR10. It is suitable to use during different events, Youtube videos, TikTok videos, outdoor events. Its light weight is easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Package contains: The Movo VXR10 comes in a package that includes microphone, shock mount, furry windscreen, travel pouch, TRS camera cable, TRRS smartphone cable.
  • Highly compatible
  • Pocket-sized
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Does not work well in loud environments.

2. BOYA by-MM1 Shotgun Video Microphone

BOYA by-MM1 Shotgun Video Microphone

The Boya mm1 has a solid metal body that will increase its life than other plastic devices. It has a cardioid microphone that is specially designed to enhance the audio quality of your videos with its built in microphone. Its furry windscreen helps to reduce the slightest sound of wind and other external unwanted vibrations.

It is provided with TRS and TRRS output cables that will easily connect the microphone to the cameras, iphone, Tablet, PCs and any other audio/video recording devices. Boya mm1 is equipped with a cardioid condenser capsule that records the voice that is in front of the microphone, avoiding any unnecessary sounds to get recorded. It has a shock mount that reduces the handling noises and certain vibrations that may reduce the audio quality.


  • Adaptability: Boya mm1 has a great adaptive nature because of the TRS and TRRS cables which are provided with the microphone. You can easily connect the mic with DSLR, PC, tablet, camcorder and other audio/video recorders.
  • Durability: Having a strong metallic construction, this microphone can last longer than the cheap plastic ones.
  • Anti-shock: The product comes with a shock-mount that makes the microphone handling easy and reduces handling noise and unwanted surrounding vibrations. Thus giving you a professional video result and saves you from post editing headache.
  • Plug N Play: Boya mm1 is really easy to operate. You do not have to worry about the battery issues. Whenever you want to make a video, you just have to plug the mic and you are ready to start. No need to be worried about battery issues.
  • Warranty: Boya mm1 is user friendly That is why it gives you a care-free warranty if 1 year. If you find any technical difficulty, you can ask their experts.
  • Durable
  • Battery powered
  • Best in budget
  • Good beginner microphone
  • Lacks super cardioid polar pattern

3. Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone for Smartphones

Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone for Smartphones

Rode videomic Me compact is the latest addition in Rode’s family. It is a directional microphone that is designed for smartphones. It is made to be used with a wide variety of devices including iOS (including iPad) and android devices.

It has a pressure gradient acoustic principal. It has a flexible shock mount that can easily get adjusted with the connecting device like a smartphone, so you can use the mic for different directional purposes. You can use the microphone for selfies as well.

The videomic is a lightweight and high-quality directional microphone that can be used with any smartphone. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear side of the microphone that allows for the play-through of audio during recording. It means that you do not have to remove the device for recording.

It has a deluxe furry windshield that allows the recording during adverse outdoor conditions.


  • Compact Microphone: Rode VideoMic me is a compact microphone with TRRS cardioid for iOS devices and smartphones. It has a wide frequency range of 100Hz – 20k Hz.
  • Dimensions: The microphone has a 3.5mm headphone output. It has a weight of 35gm and dimensions of 38mmH, 21mm W and 80mmD.
  • Furry windshield: The microphone is provided with a furry windshield that helps in conducting outdoor recordings during adverse weather conditions.
  • Light weight
  • Wide adaptability
  • Can be used for selfies
  • Lacks high pass filter

4. TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone for Nikon/Canon Camera/DV Camcorder

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone for Nikon/Canon Camera/DV Camcorder

TAKSTAR SGC is specially designed for special occasions. It is made to conduct recordings for interviews and other events. Heart-shaped single-point pickup feature effectively reduces the recording of surrounding noises.

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It is specially designed for cameras and high sensitivity condensers. It has a 10db sensitivity enhancement feature to meet different field co-use. It is really easy to adjust with the camera.  In addition to these, it has an anti- shock mount that reduces the handling sounds. TAKSTAR SGC has sound sensitivity up to 10db. Its strong and sturdy design provides longer life and durability.


  • Shock resistant design: The microphone is designed to control surrounding sounds and reduce the mechanical noise. Its shock mount provides better handling.
  • Battery: 1.5V AA alkaline batteries are used. The battery life is up to 100 hrs, quite enough to do recordings for a longer time.
  • Package includes: The package contains 1 SGC 598 microphone, 1 windscreen and 1 user manual which is explained in English.
  • Material: The material of the microphone is sturdy solid that inhibits any electromagnetic interference. This also increases the lifetime of the product.
  • Shock resistant
  • Specially designed for interviews
  • Long life battery
  • No extra batteries included

5. Moukey MCM-1 DSLR Camera Microphone

Moukey MCM-1 DSLR Camera Microphone

The Monkey MCM1 is a universal video camera microphone that is equipped with all the possible features which are necessary to make your audio/video appealing. It has a sensitivity range from -43 to 3db that makes it an amazing microphone to record the slightest sound which you want to record.

The microphone uses a cardioid condenser capsule that is quite helpful to reduce surrounding noises and focuses only on the sound that is produced in front of it. This is really great for tutorials. You can enjoy a great video that can not be made by your smartphone’s in-built camera.

This microphone has an integrated shock mount which reduces the handling sounds and a protective windshield saves your recording from being interrupted by external vibrations and unwanted wind noises.


  • Universal compatibility: Moukey MCM1 is a universal microphone. It can be used with most of the smartphones, laptops, camcorders, audio n video devices, iPhone and DSLR cameras. 

iPhone 7 and above need to use the original 3.5mm adapter.

  • Built-in condenser capsule: It has a high class built-in condenser capsule that ensures the recording of high class audio quality. You can get the best results when using it with a DSLR camera.
  • Uni-directional: Moukey MCM1 has a unidirectional feature, which is sensitive to the sounds that are present in front of the microphone. This also inhibits the sounds from the other directions to be recorded. Thus it is ideal for interviews.
  • Aluminium body: This microphone has an aluminium body that saves it from the high frequency radio waves.
  • Anti-shock: Moukey MCM1 has an anti-shock mount that minimizes the handling noises of any other vibrations. 
  • Dead cat feature: The microphone is equipped with a dead cat feature that makes indoor and outdoor recordings more satisfying. It has an additional sponge cover that is also helpful in outdoor recordings.
  • Expert in interview and vlogging recording
  • High compatibility
  • Uni-directional feature
  • Anti-shock
  • N/A

6. Comica CVM-V30 PRO Camera

Comica CVM-V30 PRO Camera

Comica CVM-V30 pro is specially designed for meetings, interviews and video shootings. It gives an excellent product outcome and makes your tasks a lot easier than ever. This device is best to use with iPhone 7 and above versions. It can also work well with devices that have a 3.5mm TRS cable jack. 

If you want to use this product with iPhone 7 and above, you need to use the original 3.5mm TRRS lightning cable. Avoid using any third party cable, it may have adverse effects. 

It has a professional camera condenser microphone that provides a better audio quality. This mic uses 3A batteries. When the batteries are working well, the mic shows green light. But when the power gets low, it will show a red light so you get to know that it’s time to swap the batteries. 

The device has a super-cardioid polar pattern. 


  • Super-cardioid polar pattern: This microphone effectively ignores off-axis rejection of the desired sounds. So that you only capture the sound that you want.
  • Low cut filter and 10db sound sensitivity: With its low cut filter function and noise sensitivity, you can easily control the sounds in a noisy environment. You can adjust the sound sensitivity from -38dB to -28dB as you wish.
  • Shock-absorbant: This microphone has an excellent shock-absorbing feature that prevents the recording sounds and any other vibrational noises. So that you have a clean audio quality.
  • Windscreen: Comica CVM-V30 pro comes with a windscreen and wind puff that effectively minimize the wind sounds during recording.
  • The box contains: 1 Comica CVM-V30 pro microphone, 1 windscreen, 1 wind puff and a user manual.
  • Wide adaptability
  • Light weight
  • Great sound sensitivity
  • Low cut filter
  • Batteries not included
  • Not available for Canon T5/T6/T7

7. EACHSHOT Microphone for iPhone with Tripod, Recording Equipment with External Videomic Shotgun Mic

EACHSHOT Microphone for iPhone with Tripod, Recording Equipment with External Videomic Shotgun Mic

EACHSHOT microphone is designed to be used with iPhone, tablets, laptops and other smartphones. It has a cardioid unidirectional polar pattern that gives better quality sound output. It is light in weight and accurate. 

It has a professional shock absorption stand that reduces the handling sound and other grumbling vibrations. It has a windshield and wind muff that minimizes the sound of wind. 

You will need to use the original adapter cable while using this microphone with iPhone 7 or any other phone with lightning audio output. For the iOS system you can use the microphone for both audio and video purposes.

Try to keep the product in a dry environment and avoid using and keeping it in rain and moist atmosphere.


  • Professional mic: The cardioid and omnidirectional polar pattern makes it a professional mic. Moreover, the shock mount is extra shielded and has anti-interference nature.
  • Audio and video: You can enjoy both audio and video modes using this microphone. It is suitable to use with smartphones and gives a better audio and video quality. It is excellent to use for photographers, travellers, filmmakers and journalists.
  • Universal design: You can use this microphone with various devices by twisting the screw and adjusting. It can fit with smartphones, iPhone 7 and other versions, samsung & Huawei.
  • External port and shoe mount: This microphones has ¼ external to and bottom port and a shoe mount that is used for handling the microphone with any smartphone and iPhone. 
  • Package includes: 1 mic body, 1 shock mount stand, 1 windshield, wind muff, smartphone and camera audio cable, mini tripod stand, phone bracket adapter.
  • External port
  • Universal design
  • Unidirectional polar pattern
  • Device converters are not included

8. Comica CVM-V30 LITE Video microphone

Comica CVM-V30 LITE Video microphone

Comica CVM-V30 LITE is made to be used on various occasions like vlogging, making Youtube videos and filmmaking. Its super cardioid polar pattern ensures that the surrounding noises are minimised and only the sound of the subject which is in front of the mic is recorded. 

The product has a weight of 52g which can be easily handled with any sized device. The Comica CVM-V30 LITE microphone has a wide compatibility. It can be attached with various devices like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, DSLR, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic cameras.

The device comes with the accessories that are used to be attached with different devices. There are some suggestions that you should note when using this microphone. If you are using the mic with an android system, it will work well in audio mode. If you want to use it in video mode you may need a third party video app.

If you want to use it with Canon T5/T6/T7, you need to buy an adapter cable. It is best if you use the device when your WiFi is off or it would be better to use it in flight mode. It will reduce any kind of connection interference.


  • Universal compatibility: Comica CVM-V30 LITE mic is universal for all devices like smartphones, iPhone, and different cameras. You just have to switch ‘Camera’ and ‘Phone’ and you are ready to go.
  • Shock-mount design: The device has a unique shock mount design that is really effective in minimizing the handling sounds and any other vibrational sounds in the surrounding.
  • Battery-free design: Comica CVM-V30 LITE mic is powered by the camera/ smartphone plug-in power. So that you do not need to use any extra battery. It will reduce the handling sounds and you can make the recordings for a longer time.
  • Super cardioid pattern: This shotgun mic is giving an amazing off-axis rejection to any desired sound that will give you a satisfying audio/video product of your project.
  • User-friendly: This shotgun microphone is easy to use and if you have any technical problem you can ask the seller or contact the official site. Your problem will be solved as soon as possible.
  • Unique shock mount
  • Plug and play
  • No extra battery required
  • User friendly
  • Lacks windshield

9. Movo Smartphone Video Rig with Shotgun Microphone

Movo Smartphone Video Rig with Shotgun Microphone

It is a light weight, pocket sized shotgun that can easily be mounted on any smartphone. With its cardioid condenser, it focuses on the sound of the subject that is in front of it. As a result, giving you a clear sound. This mic stabilizes your smartphone and gives you a clear video shot.

It is a good microphone for starters who make Youtube videos, vlogging, TikTok. You can transform your smartphone in your mini studio. A 3.5mm TRRS cable is included in the package so you can easily use this mic with your smartphone. 

It has great compatibility with iPhone, smartphone, camcorders and other audio/video recorders. Its battery free feature enables you to start filmmaking as soon as you are connected to the smartphone.


  • Connect & Create: It is a compact and versatile microphone. It is easy to set-up and is a very good companion for travellers to do vlogging. A convenient device to make videos, facebook streaming, TikTok, Youtube videos.
  • Universal smartphone kit: It has a cardioid condenser that enables the recording of clear sound. Moreover, the hand grip clamp fits almost all of the smartphones with 2.2-3.6″ wide smartphones.
  • Easy to carry: This microphone comes with a padded hand grip and wrist strap. It is really easy to handle the smartphone and it also saves it from any accidental drops. Tripod mountable with bottom ¼ and there are built-in levels that help in balancing and stabilizing the video and photo shots.
  • Warranty: The aim to make the microphones for smartphones and cameras is to ease your technical problems. This product comes with 1 year of warranty. During this period, if you have any problem, you can ask their expert team.
  • Enhance your audio quality: With its cardioid condenser, the microphone allows you to capture the high quality audio. It reduces the possibility of recording any surrounding noises, especially wind. 
  • Package includes: It comes with smartphone grip, video microphone, furry windscreen, TRS & TRRS cables.
  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Worry-free warranty
  • Hand grip
  • No extra batteries

10. Comica CVM-VM10II Full Metal Compact On Camera Cardioid Directional Mini Shotgun Video Microphone

Comica CVM-VM10II Full Metal Compact On Camera Cardioid Directional Mini Shotgun Video Microphone

Our last selection is a delicate yet metallic construction microphone. It is made of aluminium and has a cardioid mic that gives a better quality sound. It has a super anti-interference function and equipped with an internal mic, it makes your memories remarkable and gives a professional look to your videos.

This microphone has a high sensitivity of -33dB to 2dB. It means you cannot skip the slightest sound you want to capture. The external sounds are reduced to a great level because of the windscreen and wind muff. It significantly reduces the sound of wind. 

The microphone’s audio output cable is 3.5mm TRS for camera and 3.5mm TRRS for smartphone. If your device output interface is not like this then you have to use the correspondent adapter cable.


  • Super anti-interference: With its built-in 100% aluminium material, the microphone is easy to handle and it also reduces undesired vibrations. The CVM-VM10II on camera microphone has a ¼ external port design that helps in handling the smartphone.
  • Universal compatibility: The CVM-VM10II on camera microphone comes with a 3.5mm smartphone and camera audio cable that supports most of the smartphones, laptops, camcorders and iPhone. If you are using the iPhone 7 or advanced versions, make sure to use their original adapter cables.
  • Cardioid polar pattern: The CVM-VM10II on camera microphone rejects any unwanted noise from the surrounding with its cardioid polar pattern. And thus gives you a high quality audio result that enhances your video quality.
  • Professional shock-absorption stand: This microphone is designed with an extra-ordinary shock absorption stand that significantly reduces the jitter sounds of the surroundings. It also minimizes the handling noise.
  • What’s in the box: The box includes 1 CVM-VM10II on camera microphone, carrying case, windscreen, wind muff, 3.5mm TRRS smartphone audio cable, 3.5mm TRS camera audio cable, user manual.
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Professional shock mount
  • Anti-interference
  • Less self-consumption
  • N/A

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Microphones are an essential part of your video making. They can be easily mounted on your smartphones and iPhones. You may need to have some extra accessories for iPhone 7 and above versions but you will not regret spending money on them. We have mentioned and explained all the features and details of the TOP 10 microphone shotguns for iPhone. We hope that you will find these details helpful and buy the one that is best for you.

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