Videomics also known as video microphones are an essential part of your video making. Nowadays, all of the mobile phones have built-in cameras that are used to record audios and videos. But when it comes to having a better quality video, you need a videomic that will upgrade the quality of your audio and video.

We use video mics mostly for vlogging and it improves the video quality to a much better extent. There are a lot of videomics in the market from low quality to high quality, low price to high price. You can have wireless microphones and wired microphones. 

Wireless microphones are good in a sense that they do not restrict the users from moving anywhere. Wired microphone do not have connection hindrance and you can communicate quite easily with them.

In this post, we will have a look on some of the videomics that can help you out and make your video impressions a lot better than the usual cameras.


1. Rode VideoMicro Compact on -camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount

With this compact on-camera microphone you do not have to use the smartphone built-in camera to make videos for vlogging. You can make the videos with the best sound quality. You can easily reduce the interfering noises from the surroundings. This type of microphone is ideal for mobile journalists and vlogging.

It has an amazing lightweight and compact design that is easy to mount on any DSLR and video camera. The built-in windshield reduces the wind sounds easily. This feature makes it ideal for outdoor shootings. 

It has a cable that is detachable and coiled 3.5mm TRS. The dual-mono output gives you ease to record voice on any channel.


  1. Compact Microphone: It is designed to give you the best sound quality for your videos. The compact design is made so that the mic will receive the sound that is in front of it. It has a high quality cardioid condenser microphone that is capsule shaped. It can be used with a large variety of cameras
  2. Durability: The microphone has a durable aluminium body. It is helpful in RF rejection. The ceramic body avoids glare. It has a light weight of 1.5 ounce and a size of 3″, an ideal size camera that can be adjusted with any camera.
  3. Easy hookup: A cable of 3.5mm is available in detachable and coiled form. The cable is also in mono- dual configuration that will ensure the connectivity of signal to input channel or portable recorder.
  4. Runs on Plug-in power: the videomicro does not require any extra batteries. It has a plug-in power that saves you from switching and swapping the batteries.
  5. Options for connectivity: You can connect the microphone with many compatible devices.  With SC4 & SC7, you can connect the microphone with your smartphone or tablet. The VXLR+  adapter is a great solution when you wish to record video to a camcorder.
  6. Furry windshield: The furry windshield minimizes the outdoor voices and provides a unidirectional way to record voice.
  7. Detachable shockmount: Rode shockmount has rugged Rycote lyre Suspension that stops the vibrations caused by surroundings. The bottom of the shockmount has a camera shoe mount of  ⅜” thread which ensures easy and firm attachment.
  • Furry windshield
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • N/A

2. Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone

This is the perfect VideoMic for use with HDSLR, audio recorders and camcorders. You can feel a significant reduction in noise while using this microphone. 

It has a light weight that makes it easy to use with any camera. The microphone has a quality-condenser capsule that will capture the sound from the front and will not capture from the side or rear.  

A shockmount and windshield provide easy handling and clear sound while recording any video indoor or outdoor. The mic has a standard shoe mount that enables an easy attachment to the camera. There are control buttons that will allow you to control the frequency of sounds. It is also equipped with a high class filter that will enable you to reduce the lowest possible sounds around the mic.

This microphone is provided with a 9V battery and can record for up to 70 hrs. So you do not have to replace the batteries even when you are using it outdoors.


  • Broadcast recording: Rode videomic pro is available with a quality condenser microphone that allows to record the crystal clear sound. 
  • Compact design: The compact design of Rode videomic pro has a compact design that is easily compatible with various devices. It has a size of 150mm/6 inches length. A size that is easy to carry.
  • Light in weight: The videomic is light in weight so you can take it with you for outdoor activities. It weighs only 85g/3oz.
  • Long-lasting battery: The Rode videomic pro comes with a long lasting battery of 70hrs with 9volts. No need to change the batteries as they are built-in.
  • Integrated foam windshield: This feature is specially for crystal clear voice. The windshield inhibits any extra voice that may reduce the video quality.
  • Two-step high pass filter: This is an amazing feature that helps in delivering the best sound quality after recording and makes your video more interesting.
  • Three position level control: At the rear side of the mic, you can see control buttons. They are for controlling the voice position level at -10db, 0db and +20db.
  • Position level control
  • Built-in battery
  • High pass filters
  • Best for DSLR filmmaking
  • Not good for recording live bands

3. Rode NTG1 Lightweight Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone

It is the best microphone that can be used for indoor purposes. It can be used for studio recordings. It is specially designed for professionals to use in films, television and production industries. 

It has a brilliant frequency feature that makes it ideal for video and film production. Its light weight makes it easy to carry and a boom microphone. Its ideal low frequency makes it best for audio transparency.

You can choose 80Hz high pass-filter in addition to 20Hz-20kHz. It will reduce noise such as air conditioner noise and traffic from recording.

It has a WSVM windshield that is helpful to control light, wind noise and any sudden noise while recording, giving you a wonderful end product. 

It has an optional ‘Dead Cat’ feature. That is highly recommended for outdoor applications. The rode ntg 1 shotgun is designed and produced in Australia. The Rode microphone gives the warranty of 10 years so that you don’t have to worry about any technical issue.


  • Broadcast sound quality:  The Rode  Ntg1 is specially designed for professionals while working for film making,video. It has a full frequency response, low noise and audio transparency that makes it ideal to produce better sound quality.
  • Supercardioid polar pattern: You can choose a selectable high pass filter of 80 Hertz in addition to 20 HZ-20kHz. This is an amazing feature in rode NTG1 that prevents capturing the outdoor unwanted voices.
  • Metal construction: This microphone has a black rug metal construction set to give a professional look to your studio.
  • Used by professionals
  • Metallic black body
  • Light weight
  • Long life warranty
  • Does not have a shoe mount

4. Rode NTG2 multi powered condenser shotgun microphone

This microphone has a line Radiant acoustic principle. It has a capsule that has a size of 0.50 inches. It has a supercardioid polar pattern and it requires a 1.5 AA battery. The Rode NTG2 multi powered condenser gives a variety of 1 year that can be extended to 10 years.

The shotgun is especially designed for the applications of recording videos and films..  An 80Hz high pass filter is available so that you can control any undesired noise that may compromise the quality of your recording. Apart from this 80Hz, you can also use 20 Hz to 20000 Hz. This microphone works with a 1.5AA battery or P48 Phantom power. This makes it ideal for professional use.

The WSVM windshield is specially designed to lower any outdoor voice and light. The “Dead cat” feature is also available for outdoor uses.


  • The package includes a mic clip, windshield and a zip case.
  • Light in weight: The Rode NTG2 has a low weight of 161 gram.
  • Body: It has a rugged metal body. That is really ideal for use as a professional. It will also suit well in your studio and for outdoor use.
  • Battery: The battery power is ideal in scenarios where the cameras do not have phantom power as in case of DSLR.
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Life long warranty of 10 years
  • Dead cat feature
  • Two high pass filters
  • Lacks shoe mount

5. Rode NTG3B Super-Cardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone, Black

The rode ntg 3b is designed to use for professionals on film, television and electronic news. This helps in gathering high resolution audios wherever and whenever it is required. It shows an incredible frequency response and high quality audio with warm and rich quality.  It has an ideal RF-based technology that is ideal in situations where there is condensation issue.

It has a solid brass body and is amazingly robust while having a small size and less weight. It has a precise uni-directional polar pattern that will provide crystal clear audio recording, no matter if you are using it on a camera or just on a boom-pole. 

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This microphone is black in color and has a wired connectivity. A durable aluminium storage tank is also provided in the package so that you can travel worry-free. Along with this aluminium storage tank, the package is equipped with a pop filter, mic clip and large zip pouch. It has a high resistance power against radio frequency interference.  You can enjoy recording with this Rode NTG3B super-cardioid condenser shotgun microphone.  Just like other Rode products, this microphone is also made in Australia.


  1. Amazingly low handling noise: This Rode microphone has a professional and compact design that can control the noise from your surroundings while recording the videos.
  2. Real condenser: The product has a true condenser that is externally RF- Biased. It is a special feature to record videos in environments where there are uncertain situations like condensation.
  3. Perfect for professional use: it is specially designed to work for television, film, ENG and any special situation where high quality broadcast is required.
  • Immune to radio frequency interference
  • Long life warranty
  • .Aluminium storage cylinder
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Does not come with a cable for connectivity

6. Rode NTG4+ Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone with Inbuilt Battery

Rode NTG2 became very popular and that is why Rode launched another version of it that is advanced.  NTG4+ has a condenser capsule that has high sensitivity and is convenient for level control by digital switching. 

This microphone is one of its kind because it has a built-in battery that can run for 150+ hours and is also facilitated with USB charging. It has an additional microUSB cable that enables the charging of the microphone even in your car or with your laptop. It means that you can never run out of battery. You can easily control different features of the microphone by digital switching, such as high frequency boost, pad and high filter-pass. 

You can be worry-free about the settings of the microphone even if it is switched-off.  Both NTG4 and NTG4+ provide a brand-new feature of a condenser capsule with low noise floor, rich and smooth character.


  • Broadcast High Quality: With its advanced features NTG4+ provides clear voice during recording and gives an excellent output that you have desired.
  • Design: The NTG4+ is made of a rugged metallic body. It comes in black color and is very light weight.
  • High pass filter: The device comes with two high-pass filters. One is flat and the other is 75Hz
  • Frequency Range: the microphone’s frequency ranges from 20Hz to 20k Hz.
  • Internal chargeable battery
  • Fully charged in under 2 hrs
  • Metallic construction
  • No shoe mount

7.Rode NTG8 Broadcast Quality RF-Bias Long Shotgun Microphone

Rode NTG8 is basically designed on the success of NTG3 shotgun microphone.  NTG8 is actually a RF-biased shotgun microphone that provides enhanced directionality for a wide frequency range. Thus, it is best suitable for outdoor performances, television, filmmaking and any professional distance miking.

This microphone is highly resistant to certain environmental conditions and can work in adverse conditions such as condensation, in which other microphones do not work properly. It features low self-noise and natural sound both on and off axis. This device is equipped with a shock      mount that enables an easy handling of the camera and can control noise isolation. 

To protect the microphone during storage or supply, it is provided with a weatherproof aluminium cylinder. The WSNTG8 windshield completes the package by providing adequate light environmental conditions. It has a super-cardioid polar pattern and provides a highly directional polar response.

It has a high sensitivity so you do not miss any important sound that you want to add.  It has professional-level features like Ultra low noise circuitry and immunity to radio frequency interference. It has a switch and dial free setting that helps you set up the microphone easily.


  • Broadcast quality sound: NTG8 was designed to give high quality sound. It is provided with longer cable runs like other microphones.
  • Phantom power: Having the advantage of phantom power, the NTG8 is compatible with many devices like recorders, field recorders and other cameras.
  • Ideal for stand mounting: The sock mount has integrated clips so that the cables do not look messy. It has a matte black finish that prevents reflection of light during shot.
  • Foam windscreen: The foam windscreen saves the microphone from any unwanted noise that may reduce the sound quality.
  • Light in weight
  • Foam windscreen
  • Dynamic range
  • Solid-state circuitry
  • N/A

 8.Rode VideoMicPro Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shockmount

This microphone is specially designed to work with DSLR , camcorders and audio recorders. It is usually used for primary and reference audios.  It has a ½ inches condenser capsule that provides high quality audio through a 3.5mm connector. Its Rycote lyre based mounting system provides isolation so that there is no extra vibration or interference from surroundings.

It provides 70 hours of recording from a 9V battery. Its capsule has high sensitivity and low noise feature that gives excellent sound outcome. It has a camera shoe mount of ⅜ inches thread for easy boompole threading. It is easily accessible to the rear face of the microphone and has control buttons to control different features.  The control buttons can prevent the noises from surroundings such as air conditioner and outdoor noise.

It has level settings controls that can control different sound settings. The -10db is used to control the sounds that are near the microphones. +20db is used with a DSLR camera. This microphone is so light in weight that it can be attached with any camera. The microphone is ideal for professional setup and it is suitable in scenarios of interviews and dialogues. 


  • Foam windshield: The foam windshield is suitable for reducing interfering noises. 
  • Battery: The microphone is equipped with a lithium ion battery. It can be recharged again and can also be charged with a cable.
  • Digital switching: This feature ensures that the user does not leave any necessary sound.
  • Automatic feature: It is a run and gun feature that will switch off the microphone automatically when it is detached from the camera.
  • 1 year warranty that can be exceeded to 10 years
  • Continuous via USB port
  • Light weight
  • Maximum output level
  • 2 step high pass filter
  • May need an extra battery

9. Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone with Integrated Rycote Shockmount

This microphone of Rode is longer than Rode’s videomic go but with a narrower pickup pattern. It has a plug-in power and no such control buttons. This makes it ideal for use by journalists, vloggers and run and gun shooters.

Its windscreen design is compact in a sense that it reduces all the unwanted sounds like wind and vibrations. Its detachable 3.5mm coiled cable gives an easy hook-up to the camera. The dual-mono output means that you do not need to select a channel that might be necessary for your recording device. Unlike the common microphones, this microphone does not gather sounds from all the directions. It only captures sound from one direction with its supercordioid polar pattern. 

You do not have to swap batteries while using this microphone. All you need is to connect the microphone with the camera and you are ready to record. Videomic go is compatible with many devices. It is compatible with Rode accessories such as SC4,SC7 and VXLR+, these all are available separately. You can easily connect the microphone with your smartphone or tablet.


  • Integrated shockmount: Using a rubber band for attaching the microphone with a camera is old fashion. It is also useless because the bands can snap and create noises. The shockmount is easy to use as it does not record any unnecessary noises and also provide directions to capture the desired sound.
  • Best for journalists: The Rode videomic go is ideal for journalists and run and gun shooters who are in a hurry.
  • Simple operations: This microphone is really simple to use. It does not have any complications regarding the settings and level control.
  • Lightest weight: This is the lightest weight microphone from Rode.  
  • User-friendly
  • Plug-in power
  • High-quality directional microphone
  • Small size
  • No separate batteries

10. Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-Camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

This is considered as the best microphone in its series. With its best features, it is the most desirable microphone onboard. It comes with a built-in batter so you can be carefree about battery swapping or changing. It can provide battery time for up to 100hrs in one charge. 

It has an improved RF-biased technology that improves its immunity in adverse environmental conditions. 

It has an improved response over its predecessor. It has a two-stage high pass filter that reduces even the slightest sounds such as vibrations and rumbling.  It has 3-stage gain controls with+20db that can be easily used with a DSLR. Its high frequency boost feature will boost high frequencies increasing the clarity of sound.

It has an additional feature of channel safety that saves the recording from any uncertain and accidental spikes during recording. Its super-cardioid polar pattern provides high-quality sounds. Its acoustic principle is line gradient. The frequency ranges from 20Hz-20kHz so that you do not miss anything.

Its optimised windshield feature inhibits any wind noise or slightest unwanted sound.


  • Digital switching: You do not have to worry about manual switching of controls during recording. The digital switching enables an easy control over different levels.
  • Power options: inbuilt rechargeable battery, AA batteries, USB bus powered
  • Maximum output level: 7.7dBu
  • Capsule size: 0.5 inches
  • Incredible battery life
  • Warranty of upto 10years
  • Digital switching
  • Lithium battery
  • May have quality control problem

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Rode has a wide variety when it comes to microphones. We have selected some of the best microphones that you can find helpful for your recordings. You can choose the best that suits you. Have fun filmmaking.

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