Best Microphone for Skype Interview [2022]

How many of you have been embarrassed when you are on a Skype call or someone told you, you are sounding too low or your voice is too odd? Once or all of us have faced this awkward moment when someone has told us about such problems. 

This is a world of technology and everyone here is working on the phone for interviews or meetings. Skype is one of the major communication app being used nowadays. Its have wide use in interview calls, podcasting calls, personal meetings, professional meetings, and what’s not. 

As everyone nowadays is using this online tool for communication thus, it’s imperative to use proper gear to conduct meetings and podcasts. The microphone is one of the things which comes in basic need to have for this. Your laptop’s built-in microphone maybe got stuck sometimes and maybe not sounding right at that moment thus, you need a special and specific one. 

Here in this exhaustive piece, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about Skype and the best microphone for a Skype interview. Before knowing about the best microphone let’s have some idea about the characteristics of the best microphone. 

Characteristics of the best microphone for Skype interview:

  • A microphone is the best if it comes with the OMNI-channel pattern because it can capture a clear sound. 
  • It should support connections with other systems through USB, Bluetooth, and 3.5 mm cable. 
  • The mic should have a compact built and sturdy design. It will make it easy to carry everywhere.  
  • The cable that comes with the laptop should have a longer length or should be according to your setup.

Our top 10 picks of the best microphone for Skype interviews

1. Jabra Speak 410 Corded Speakerphone for Softphones

There is a piece of good news for the people who are worried due to their bad voice during Skype calls especially in meetings. It causes a really bad impression along with interruption. If noise is of greater intensity it will create negative impressions. 

Jabra Speak 410, is one of the best computer microphones for Skype. This is certified by Skype for its excellent performance and it would be your ideal choice. It comes with multiple features which allows you to get rid of external environments and your miseries to allow you to focus on a conversation during Skype interview or other internet related calls.

It comes with a compact design and sturdy-looking shape. Although it is a little expensive still, it can be your first choice because of its exceptional features. The best thing about the microphone is that it can be used for teleconferencing. 

Not only that, it comes with a flexible shape which makes it easier to fit inside your bag even without any hindrance. Along with its robust design, it comes across with other durable features like has multiple buttons to perform different functions.

It comes with buttons to mute audio, pick up and disconnect the calls, and a volume button to increase it or decrease it on the top of the microphone. 


  • Skype certified microphone the Jabra Speak 410 is an equitably dense mic that comes with a flying saucer-like design. 
  • It can be used with the best experience in conference calls, Skype calls, meetings, interviews. Moreover, it can be used as a standalone PC microphone therefore, you can call it the best desktop microphone for Skype.
  • You can also use it as a handy speaker.
  • It provides a clear conversation.
  • Pick up sound at all angles.
  • Help to hold meetings anywhere.
  • Easy set-up.
  • Has a short USB cable.

2. Blue Yeti USB Mic

There is another masterpiece for your noiseless Skype interviews. Therefore, work with no latency or noise during Skype calls and meetings. The Blue Yeti is an affordable microphone for your Skype calls and interviews. 

This microphone will help you to conduct calls with zero latency. It comes with tri-capsule architecture covers which allow you to hear from numerous angles with effectiveness. It comes with the best features like bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo patterns for the best sound selections. 

Not only that, it has a cardioid mode that everyone can use easily. Due to this feature, it can be used easily for podcasting, streaming, gaming, webinars, and calls. Moreover, it focuses the pickup patterns to the front of the interviewer. 

It also has polar patterns which make it one of the standings out microphones among all.  These patterns help you to pick the sound you like. So, during Skype calls when you feel that your voice is sounding crucial or is un-audible you can easily manipulate it with the help of its power buttons. 

Moreover, it comes with an excellent frequency response which ranges from 20Hz to 20 kHz, therefore, it helps you to record different types of sounds. This microphone is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals. Although it’s a little costly still, its output is value every penny. 


  • It comes with polar patterns like cardioid mode, omnidirectional mode, and stereo modes which help it to stand out among other competitors.
  • The cardioid mode makes it the best choice for the streamers, podcaster, and for the person who is frequently involved in interviews on Skype.
  • Its omnidirectional feature is one of the best options for sound-conscious people during calls. It makes it a great choice for conference calls. 
  • Comes with polar patterns.
  • Comes with a Custom three-capsule array.
  • Provides onboard audio controls.
  • Unique and position-able design.
  • Expensive for beginners.

3. TKGOU USB Computer Microphone

TKGOU USB microphone is one of the chap microphones which comes with numerous expressive and impressive features. Its inspiring features like its frequency response and tight pickup patterns make it the best option to choose. 

The TKGOU captures out-of-the-way and vibrant voice bases. Also, it comes with the pop filters and shock stand which provide further clarification while choosing it. It provides you clear and crisp voice recording throughout. 

This is the best choice for the person who is are asking should I use a headset during a Skype interview? You should use this microphone instead of the headset because it provides you clear voice even at a low price. It’s a budget pick for accurate communication for gamers and streamers.

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Not only that, it comes with an embedded a patented audio filter to provide you high definition audio. Moreover, due to these filters, it only records your voice other than environmental sounds. It’s compatible with each computer system.

It’s a decent selection for home studio, Chatting, Skype, Discord, Yahoo Recording, YouTube Recording, Google Voice Search, and Steam. It works very easily, you don’t need technical knowledge to run it. You just simply need to plug in the microphone to your device and all done. No need to install any software. 


  • It comes with the polar pattern include cardioid mode provide you excellent voice.
  • It comes with a 14mm Condenser Element which makes it a robust-looking microphone.
  • It comes with a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz that is suitable to pick numerous sound options to pick. 
  • Not only that, but it also comes with accessories like a USB mic with cable, foldable tripod stand, mini shock mount, metal gooseneck pop filter
  • It has a sturdy plastic build.
  • Greatest sound quality.
  • It can cover 360 degrees easily.
  • Can easily connect with a USB port.
  • Can only capture a sound from a narrow direction.

4. TONOR Conference USB Microphone

TONOR USB Microphone is a new technology microphone and is recommended for those who are facing the problem of extraterrestrial sound output. It increases the sound output to its maximum potential only to provide you best hearing sounds that are second to none. 

Additionally, it also blocks out interplanetary clamors to provide you only outputs your sound with a clean and vibrant sound. I provide you superior sound quality that works specifically to block out the background noises. 

Besides this, it comes with anti-noise technology which reduces noise through noise reduction technology. This works to filters out background noises and ambient voices from the original voice to make it clear and crisp.

If you held online meetings you will well aware of the echo and ambient noise which creates a mess. The microphone works to eliminate the echoes especially for the person who is taking classes and meetings in an empty room with less equipment.

Furthermore, it comes with the polar pattern called omnidirectional mode which is one of the best property which works to balance sound. Meanwhile, it also produces good sound. It can pick up sound from every direction and is the microphone that has the highest pick up from a large distance.


  • It comes with an omnidirectional feature which makes it an excellent choice to pick up sound from 360 degrees.   
  • It also the best option because it transmits the voice more loudly. All the participants in the meeting can hear each other without raising their voices.
  • The microphone is perfect for small meetings over the internet Skype/GoToMeeting/WebEx/Hangouts/Fuze/VoIP/Zoom and other software.
  • Excellent for conference calls and meetings.
  • Omnidirectional mini microphone.
  • Plug & play, no drivers required.
  • Convenient mute button.
  • There is no speaker in it.

5. FIFINE Plug and Play Home USB microphone

FIFINE plug and play home USB microphone come with extensive features which are designed for Skype and other online meetings. It’s very simple to operate because its plug-and-play buttons are quite helpful to maintain the operation.

It comes with a USB port that can be used easily, you just need to select the software and port of USB to operate it. You are easy to go to function with it. It is compatible with the Window and Mac and you don’t need to install any additional software. 

It also comes with the distinctive Omni pic-up pattern which is suitable to reduce the noise and for noise cancellation. Moreover, it isolates the main sound source and it’s good for home studio, Chatting, Skype, Discord, Yahoo Recording, YouTube Recording, Google Voice Search, and Steam.

Its frequency response is fairly great and is smooth and flat with 50Hz-16 KHz. As its frequency response is extended, therefore, it is excellent for singing, voice-over, and speech.  It performed perfectly to reproduce the sound. 


  • Its high-quality mic is perfect for voiceovers, voice recorder and produces a beautiful sound. 
  • Plug & Play on Windows, Mac, and PS4; you don’t need extra power or a manually installed driver. 
  • Plug-in USB, uncheck the audio competent, and start pillar & roll in the game!
  • It’s sensitive to only your voice. Speaking from one foot away, colleagues still hear you with great clearness.
  • It records directly from the computer.
  • Extremely high signal output.
  • Wide frequency response.
  • Performed perfectly in reproduces sound.
  • Incompatible with Xbox and Phones

6. Pyle USB Microphone

This microphone has robust construction which gives you an easy and nice feel. It has a metal construction with a nice weight. The best feature about the microphone is it’s on/off which is helpful to mute the microphone.

Its frequency response is great and ranging from 50Hz – 14 kHz. This is a fine and dynamic microphone that is similar to the Pyle PDMIC58. It’s a perfect pick for voice recordings. It also has a polar pattern called cardioid mode.

Cardioid mode performs a nice job of eliminating the background voices and noise. The mic sensitivity is listed as 53dB with 48Hz. The microphone can easily connect to the computers, DJ equipment, and laptops. Therefore, it is suitable for audio and vocal instruments.

Not only that it comes with the integrated pop filter which is excellent for full-range sound production. Moreover, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.  It also comes with a tripod stand which allows it to place everywhere like in a tabletop position. 


  • It’s suitable for both in-stage and on-stage travels and functions.
  • It can easily connect with connects to computers, laptops, & DJ equipment.
  • It’s suitable for vocals and instrument audio.
  • It provides full-range sound reproduction.
  • Decent construction
  • Affordable
  • Good at eradicating background noise.
  • It’s not sound particularly good on electric or acoustic guitar.

7. Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Condenser Microphone

The Samson Meteor is a USB ‘plug and plays’ condenser microphone and it’s recommended the most by bloggers. This is a vocal higher-end microphone which is a condenser microphone. It’s a pretty and unique-looking microphone which has been designed with aesthetic design.  

It comes with the retro, and chrome grille appearance and can be placed on the three fold-down legs. Its design is eye-appealing and eye-catchy which attracts and prompts the viewers. It is a minimalist and fairly simple microphone but has unique features.

 It’s very easy to operate the microphone. It has a USB port at the back of the microphone which is used to connect the mic to your PC/Laptop/Mac with the cable provided in the box. The best thing is that you can be used to connect to an iPad that used an adapter. 

It comes with a headphone port of 3.5 mm to mentor recordings. This feature allows you to set your output according to your requirements. You can hear easily both your voice of yours and the person you are chatting with. 


  • It’s one of the biggest microphones which comes with a larger condenser microphone of 25 mm which makes it perfect for quality voice.
  • Its inactivity nursing is easy as it has a 1/8 headphone output.
  • The microphone has a voiceless switch.
  • It is compact and can be taken here and there.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • The mic is extremely sensitive.
  • The design can prove to be troublesome.

8. TKGOU Conference USB Microphone

The TKGOU conference USB microphone is ideal for one-to-one calls, and conference calls, and other VoIP calls. The best thing is that it can also use in the best way for online chatting, Skype calls, recordings, podcasts, YouTube videos or streaming, and twitch. 

It also comes with a USB cable of 2.0m and a 6.5ft USB cable. The USB plug-and-play feature is simple to operate because it doesn’t require any drivers to install or any other software. Moreover, it has hustle-free installation. It’s compatible both with Windows and Mac. 

It comes with outstanding sound quality and offers a crystal clear voice.  The best thing about the microphone is its 360 degrees of sensitivity which allows it to capture the clear voice from calls and all around. 

Besides this, it can also provide you 10 times better voice than other microphones like traditional computer mic. It’s easy to transport from here and there and comes with a compact design. Due to its handy construction, you can take it wherever you want.


  • Due to its compact construction, you can take it anywhere like in the office.
  • USB plug and play makes it easier for you to use because no need to install any driver or software for it. 
  • It’s compatible with both systems like Windows and Mac.
  • Designed with a durable metal material.
  • The base is fitted with an anti-slip mat.
  • The base keeps it stable on the desktop during use.
  • NOT compatible with Raspberry Pi/Linux/Android/Xbox.

9. Blue Snowball USB Microphone

If you frequently asked yourself a question do I need a microphone for Skype? You should go with the Blue Snowball USB microphone because of its unique properties. It’s not unique due to its features but also for its design. 

If you are in quest of a microphone that suits perfectly podcasts, recordings, and streaming you should at least give one trial to the Blue snowball USB microphone. The microphone falls under that category of plug-and-play microphone therefore, it claims to have the fastest and easiest way to provide you high-quality sound along with your computer.

It looks good because of its robust design. One of the most amazing things about the microphone is its construction and setup which is easy to use. it comes with the CD-quality phenomena which allow you to records live streams, YouTube videos like a pro.


  • Comes with a robust design that is eye-appealing and eye-catching.
  • Due to its simple setup, it’s easy to use and operate.
  • It comes with the property to create CD-quality recordings, live streaming, YouTube videos, SoundCloud videos, and many more.
  • Significantly improve your audio quality on Skype.
  • This microphone certainly looks good.
  • Easy to create podcasts.
  • Add narration to home movies.
  • Conference calling mode is missing.

10. Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

If you are on a mission to find a microphone that comes with all features in a single package you should go with the Shure MV5 Microphone. This microphone can work in the best way with all the devices like Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It can also work in the best way with the android phone.

The small desktop microphone with several different features that you should give a trial. The microphone is also available for mobile recording. It comes with a body which a bit light and made of plastic. 

However, it comes with a sturdy-looking body and stands which are very neat and inconspicuous when taken together. To attach it with any standard camera it comes with a quarter-inch screw, which might be handy and if you are thinking to go out.

  • Comes with a sturdy-looking design which is handy as well.
  • It is constructed with a screw which allows it to fit with the other mobile camera easily.
  • It also has a tripod which allows you to stand it wherever you want.
  • It’s not for professional use.

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Here we have reviewed the best microphone for a Skype interview. We have selected a list of 10 microphones after a thorough review from multiple websites. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to select the best microphone you should go with the product list we choose.

The best microphone is that one that comes with a robust design but easy setup. It should have polar patterns to make the voice balanced – cardioid mode. Moreover, it should have the quality to produce a clear and crisp sound. 

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