Best budget Shotgun Mic – Top 7 Shotgun Reviews

Are you here for the best budget shotgun mic? if yes, then hope this microphone’s guide might help you to choose the perfect shotgun mic for your project

Best Budget Shotgun Mic 

If you are making films on your DSLRs, then you have to need professional audio quality that imparts good effects on your videos. Sound quality is more critical during shooting. You can’t make high-grade, professional video without high- quality audio.

One way to improve your video quality is to use a superior, reliable and professional shotgun microphone that suits to your budget. You can significantly select the best budget shotgun mic after reading this article. We’ll guide you properly how to cash your money with the best affordable microphone that supports in your videography.

Shotgun microphones are condenser microphone that has a narrow pattern for capturing the audio from source suited in front of them. Its compact design is set up to point out the sound directly from the subject and eliminates rear sound from all around.

Suppose you’re interested in purchasing one mic for filming that is not so expensive and bears all of its main features. In that case, Shotgun microphone is the right option that is useful in picking the main sound in every situation. furthermore, The quality of these microphones can vary, so you do get what you pay for.

So if you finally pulled up to cash for a camera. Congrats. But you have to think about the microphone. For video shooters with indie filmmaking or vlogging, shotgun mics tend to be the next big option. But with cameras hogging so much of the mediocre gearhead’s attention, it can be troublesome to know where to begin with the myriad of microphones out there. We can support and aim to save you a buck while we’re at it.

The shotgun microphone can often be expensive, but you don’t need to worry, we’ll provide a short general guide about the best budget shotgun microphone where you choose your desired microphone on an affordable budget. Here are the list of eight portable shotgun microphone that will suit your pocket and you find an easy way to shoot video with no need to learn menus and its settings.

In a hurry? Here is our top PICKS

    • Weight: 12 ounces
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
    • Batteries:1 AA batteries required.
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    • Weight: 5 ounces
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
    • Power Source: Battery Powered
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    • Weight: 7.3 ounces
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
    • Batteries:1 AA batteries required.
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    • Weight: 6.4 ounces
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
    • Polar Pattern: Unidirectional
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    • Weight:7.1 ounces
    • Power Source:Battery Powered
    • connector-type: 3.5 mm Jack
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    • Weight: 3.88 ounces
    • Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack
    • Batteries: 2 AA batteries required.
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    • Weight:1 pounds
    • Polar Pattern:Multipattern
    • Connections:XLR
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1. TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone

In comparison with other shotgun microphones, TAKSTAR SGC-598 stands first due to its efficiency and high-quality audio. A nice feature of this microphone is the super-affordable cardioid design. This microphone relies on the best low budget shotgun mic. So every user who has a low budget but wants to record high-quality videos with the extra-ordinary phantom power of the best shotgun mic, pick the TAKSTAR SGC-598. It’s unbelievable how much money you can save.

In contrast to Rode mic Pro, This mic works well. The +10 dB pad switch is more helpful for boost up the signal before the camera preamp, empowering you to more capability to reach an average volume level. The Rode VideoMic, which is three-time more expensive, doesn’t even have this switch. So TAKSTAR is preferable.

  • Super-cardioid polar pattern 

This microphone is easily applied to various situations such as live sessions, photographing, video recording, vlogging and character news interviews. TAKSTAR SGC-598 microphone is specially designed for the camera and high sensitivity condenser microphone to enhance the quality of video recording.

The TAKSTAR SGC-598 is a low-cost microphone that comes with a shock-resistant mount and cardioid polar pattern that means it will record sound that comes from the front and some coming from the side. It does not perform a job of sound picking but also reduces the ambient sound coming from the environment.

  • Low cut filters

The build quality of the TAKSTAR SGC-598 is sturdy solid, can effectively shield electromagnetic interference. You can connect it to your camera by using a 3.5mm jack input.

The decent build quality has a low-cut switch that is designed to remove frequency below a particular determined frequency .the frequency range of this microphone is 50Hz which is still suitable for this budget microphone of this type.

  • 1.5V AA Battery

TAKSTAR SGC-598 microphone is one of the cheap microphones that are ideal for interviews and vlogging. For other types of videos, this mic has gained much importance because it has extendable battery life.

This microphone is powered with a 1.5V AA battery. This battery allows you to continuously record video shooting up to 100 hours without any difficulty. The nice feature of this mic has low battery indicating function that reminds you to replace the battery in time.

  • Great value for price
  • Sound quality is good when close to source
  • Well-constructed cardioid polar pattern
  • Slight hiss
  • The high-pass switch isn’t very efficient
  • AA battery does not fit well into battery slots.

 Final Verdict

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Interview Microphone uses the super-cardioid polar pattern functionality,is suitable for camcorders and smartphone. build quality is good. lightweight and compact design enhance its features so that it can be used in many situations like photography, videography and interview. you can easily handle terms of budget, don’t need to worry, you can go for it.

2. Mouriv VMC355 Video Condensor Shotgun Microphone

Mouriv VMC355 Shotgun Microphone

Suppose you‘re going for the best budget shotgun mic. In that case, The Mouriv VMC355  is a unique option that delivers professional performance for vlogging, photography, videography, outdoor and indoor recording, and film shooting.

This microphone is compatible with DSLRs cameras and camcorders that provide high-quality audio to your recording video.

This microphone comes with a lot of accessories includes a foam windscreen that helps to reduce ambient noise produced by wind or air conditioners, as well as a drawstring carry pouch for safe storage and transport.

  • Lightweight construction

Mouriv VMC355 Video Condensor Shotgun Microphone is specially designed for home movie and TV Video comes with a shock-mount system that isolates the main sound from vibration and mechanical noise.

The VMC355 is a broadcast quality condenser microphone that delivers maximum output quality with professional audio for your video camera. with its cardioid polar pattern, VMC355 is highly optimized to focus the main sound during recording and rejects off-axis and un-necessary sound.

  • Broadcast sound quality

If you need a professional shotgun microphone for your DSLR camera that really suits to your budget, you should most definitely consider this affordable shotgun microphone .its plug and play design has plenty of features such as low power indicator, level control and low cut comes with the level control that adjusts the gain and low cut filter.

This microphone comes with the 3.5mm jack connection that directly plugs into your DSLR audio input jack to shoot live audio .there is also a headphone socket,if your camera does not have an audio socket, this can monitor your audio. .it has a 10dB sensitivity and a 200Hz frequency attenuation to meet the different needs that come out in your mind when out shooting.

This shotgun microphone is connected to a USB external sound card with TRS type. if you want to connect this mic with camcorder such as Canon Vixia you have to buy a TRS- TRRS adapter.

  • Single AA Battery

Mouriv VMC355 Video Condensor Shotgun Microphone is powered by a single AA Battery. the battery timing is not so good .it can runs approximately 30 hours. the microphone has one of a pretty feature about low battery indication as it possesses low power indicator, fully prepared ready to replace the battery.

  • Budget –friendly
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Broadcast sound quality
  • It does not connect with android phones

Final Verdict

For all those users who want to pay less but want to get the best gadget. Mouriv VMC355 Video Condensor Shotgun Microphone is for provides some pretty features so that you will try it and record daily comes at a reasonable rate. This microphone is compact, durable and lightweight. the switchable low-cut filters reduce the noise produced from wind and air conditioners

3. View flex VF-M 10 Camera Microphone

View flex VF-M 10 Camera Microphone

When you are outgoing and want to record professional video to make it to be broadcasting level, we’ll help you keep in touch with the Viewflex VF-M 10 Camera Microphone. It is one of the delicate and cardioid Mics which is entirely made up of aluminium material.

View flex VF-M 10 can strengthen the anti-interference function that reduces the ambient voice from all around.

The omnidirectional shotgun microphone is accurate and light, having pro professional features that can be used for smartphones and cameras. The super directional pattern of this microphone is helpful to reduce the noise of the surrounding environment.

  • Wide compatibility

You have to take an interest in content creation products that provide outstanding performance on a budget. View flex VF-M 10 Camera Microphone is the best budget camera shotgun mic that works with cameras, camcorders, iPhones and smartphones, audio recorders, tablets, laptops, etc.…

VF-M 10 external camera/phone shotgun microphone comes with two different 3.5mm audio cables. one for your camera and one for your smartphone. You have to use the original adapter cable when using this mic together with iphone7/8/X/XS or another phone with a lightning audio input jack.

  • Super cardioid polar pattern

the Viewflex VF-M 10 shotgun microphone has a pretty characteristic of the super-cardioid directional pattern. This omnidirectional microphone is specific for picking the high-quality audio from the front of the subject and giving excellent off-axis rejection for the desired sound.

The professional shock-mount design comprises TUP material, which primely controls audio quality from the crimped noise’s environment. The splendid feature includes reducing ambient noise produced from the surrounding environment super-cardioid polar pattern, picking up what’s in front of the mic is the main factor.

Qualities are high, and accessories are plentiful. You cannot believe the marvellous features for the low price how impressive the quality and sound are. Good lows and mids for such a low-cost mic and how small and lightweight it is. It will also work correctly for outdoor shooting.

  • Windscreen and Windmuff

The best budget shotgun mic holds all the main stuff that you may need for recording. Viewflex has a high-quality windscreen and wind muff specific for reducing noise from windy and fuzzy environments.

Wind muff works excellent, and the recording sound is good for the price. Many youtubers and recordists consider it suitable for outdoor recordings.

  • Cardioid pattern
  • performance of Clear and crisp sound
  • professional shock- absorption stand
  • works perfectly with android and Sony DSLR’s
  • some DSLR have a noisy preamp with a low-level signal

Final Verdict

Based on premium features, Viewflex VF-M 10 Camera Microphone stands first in the market with a small price. This is one of the compatible microphones that are an excellent choice for those users who are low on budget but want outstanding features in their vlogging. Its super-cardioid design will deliver maximum high-quality audio output so you will not regret buying it.

4. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Movo VXR10 Universal Microphone

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone is designed with the key features that certainly make it low –priced, a budget-friendly microphone that enhances video quality by delivering clear and crisp sound. This microphone has a compact design, specifically for broadcasting, videography, youtube, and TV/film production.

  • Lightweight construction

This particular model may include some extra and some premium features that you would not get in other mics with this valuable budget. MovoVXR10 is small, durable, and lightweight; its compact design weighs about 86 g.this microphone does not require a battery to operate it.

It has an aluminium construction and cardioid polar pattern that makes it impressive in the sound pickup. A highly accurate super-cardioid design provides the best audio quality to your videos than any standard directional microphone and minimizes background noise from the environment.

  • Wide compatibility

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone shows universal compatibility with various can work with Android smartphone,iPhone,DSLR’s cameras,camcorders,audio recorders,tablets,laptops etc…

This microphone comes with both 3.5mm cables, TRS, and the other is TRRS.3.5mmTRS is used to connect with the camera, recorders, and camcorders, while 3.5mm TRRS connects with the iPhone/smartphone, tablets, laptop, and computer.

  • Professional, excellent Video performance

If you are trying to obtain professional, excellent video quality at a small price, you would highly recommend going with Movo VXR10. You entirely use this mic for your vlogging, youtube, TikTok, outdoor event recording, live music, family vacation trips, and tutorials.

This microphone comes with an extraordinary sound pickup feature. It has a 35Hz -18000Hz frequency response range, the sensitivity is -42dB so that it will pick up the volume, and it is quite well as not picking up too much noise.

In addition to the pickup range, subject distance is more critical. You can nicely record your video with the mic around 18 inches from the source to experience precise and crisp sound with lesser space.

  • Deadcat windscreen

Movo VXR10 Microphone comes with the furry dead cat windscreen and sturdy shock-mount that ensure clear, crisp sound and ignores wind noise when you shoot your video outside. This mic picks up sound from the subject in front and cuts sound out from behind and around it.

  • Compact design
  • A great gadget for the low cost
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Supplied with shock-mount and cardioid pattern
  • Greater distance from the subject results in low quality.
  • The furry windscreen is not of good quality.

Final Verdict

This microphone is very affordable that suits your estimates. Its compact and lightweight design significantly improves the audio quality when it is connected with a camera or DSLRs.this microphone comes with the deadcat windshield that strongly cuts the offensive sound from all over.

 5. Professional Hi-sensity Hi-fidelity Mini Shotgun Microphone

Professional Hi-sensity Hi-fidelity Mini Shotgun Microphone

If you are fond of recording videos and have very little money in your hand to buy a nice cheap microphone, you need not worry at all. Professional Hi-sensity Hi-fidelity Mini Shotgun Microphone is the best budget shotgun mic that has all the characteristics you may want in your high-quality videos.

This is a good substitute for a rode mic if you have no budget for that one yet. This microphone has been a huge upgrade to the youtube filming setup and is a noticeable step up from the GoPro’s built-in mic. Build quality feels solid and works well.

Great value at half the price of the professional brand. Worth a shot for everybody looking for a low-cost upgrade to their filming and occasional setup.

  • Wide range compatibility

 Professional Hi-sensity Hi-fidelity Mini is a cardioid microphone, which is ideal for cameras, Android mobile phones, smartphones,iPhone tablets, camcorders, DSLRs, and audio recorders.

It does come with the two different length cables. This is the best budget shotgun mic for video recording that can be connected with a camera and mobile phone with a 3.5mm TRRS audio cable. On the other hand,3.5mmTRS audio cable can be used to connect with DSLRs, cameras and audio recorders.

If you have a newer device or one without a 3.5mm port, you will need an adapter to use this mic.

  • Compact and lightweight

This best budget mini shotgun mic is compact and lightweight. It comes with the size 22*81mm weights about 86g that can be easily mounted. Play and plug design make it reliable. Just plug it and go it where you want to shoot.

This professional microphone does not require a battery to operate it, so you do not need to worry about the battery status.

  • Cardioid Microphones

This Hi-fidelity shotgun microphone has a cardioid design that shows premium performance to capture high-quality audio. The anti-shock mount design of this professional microphone effectively reduces the unwanted fluctuations and noise from handling the mic.

This microphone comes with a fur wind cover or windshield that is specially designed to remove noise interference of wind and improves the sound quality of videos in outdoor shooting.

So this microphone is suitable for universal occasions such as call interview, video conference, presentation,blog news, press conference TV shows and wedding ceremonies.

Budget-friendly microphone with professional quality and high-level audio output specifications, it’s going to be an appealing option for you.

  • Great mic for streaming
  • Super easy and compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great device with little price
  • It doesn’t work with the pop-up flash.

Final Verdict

Picking up high-quality audio may become a challenge to record a video. if you are recordist, videographer and Vlogger and looking for a best affordable mic, then Professional Hi-sensity Hi-fidelity Mini Shotgun Microphone is one of your top choices. its plentiful features enhance the audio quality and gives the superb videos

6. PIXEL MC650 Camera Microphone

PIXEL MC650 Camera Microphone

whenever you started making videos and wanted an inexpensive way to get a decent sound. This can only be possible when you’re at this site and buy a professional PIXEL MC650 Camera Microphone.

The Best budget microphone is often used by Vloggers and youtubers that struggle hard to make their professional videos.

  • Super cardioid polar pattern

PIXEL MC650 is one of best budget microphone that produces great audio quality. It includes a variety of features that intend to help you to increase the quality of your videos. one of the main features is its super-cardioid polar pattern which provides clearest and crisp audio.

During shooting, source distance matters greatly. The sound pickup is very good; it gives sharp and crispy voice .super cardioid polar pattern of this mic permits that your recording is focusing on the audio in front of the camera, attenuating sound from sides and ignores sound from all around.

  • Compatibility

PIXEL MC650 Camera Microphone is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. You can enjoy professional Vlogging by connecting this mic with various devices. It comes with 3.5mm cable that gives you a greater connection range with cameras, camcorders and iPhone/smartphone.

This microphone is 8 inches long, and weight about is 3.2 ounces which makes it portable and easy to store accessory for any camera.

On one end of the device, you get a 3.5mm cable which is 12 inches long that can be connected directly to your camera on the bottom side of the microphone.

There is a shock-resistant mount designed to handle dynamic conditions and a standard hot shoe mount that will connect your camera.

  • Low-cut filters

Low-cut filters functions designed to remove background noise and another low-frequency sound from the environment. a high pass filter switch remove the wind noise, and eliminates ambient sound below80Hz .the frequency range of this mic vary from 100Hz to 20000Hz.

you can also switch to -10 to +10 dB gain. As depends on its effect quality, somebody can use 10dB boost to higher gain signal while -10dB boost is used to ignore vibrational sound in loud environments.

  • 3V Batteries

This microphone has a bunch of accessories that add to the value and get the job done as advertised. This microphone comes with 3V batteries which should keep it running for 100 hours use. a green light indicates sufficient battery level, and the red light means that batteries need to be replaced.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Anti-shock mount design
  • Sound increase or decrease is adjustable.
  • Easily mount to DSLR cameras.
  • Deadcat windscreen doesn’t work well.
  • The shock absorber is somehow flimsy.

Final Verdict

The Pixel MC60 microphone is the inexpensive microphone, comes with a variety of features. lightweight and compact design of this mic work well. Those users who want to upgrade the quality of their videos with little budget, decide to purchase it. They will not lament going for it.

7. Marantz Professional Audio Scope SG-5B Microphone

Marantz Professional Audio Scope SG-5B Microphone

Marantz Professional Audio Scope SG-5B Microphone is the perfect complement that boosts up the performance level to higher degrees. This microphone is specific for enhancing the sound capture capabilities during recording. Its small profile and compact design are easy to use.

The Audio Scope SG-5B is a professional shotgun microphone built for the rigours of field use. It has a narrow pickup pattern and excellent off-axis rejection which result in picking up sound from the front of the microphone.

  • Two polar pattern

Marantz Professional Audio Scope SG-5B Microphone comes with two different polar patterns, cardioid and super-cardioid, it depends on your sensitivities they do change based upon the pattern that you pick your impendence max SPL and signal to noise ratio feel free to pause this.

The cardioid pattern will enable you to pick up sound from the wider area. The loud environment, on the other hand, the super-cardioid pattern will pick up voice from a narrower space in front and little from behinds.

  • Professional XLR Hookup

The microphone also comes with the decently long XLR cable with two different mounting option one for the cold shoe on top of your camera one for a traditional microphone stand .an integrated XLR input make this microphone professional and superior to the others. This microphone comprises premium features such as XLR Hookup enables users to connect this microphone to any preamp of your choices.

  • Microphone accessories

This microphone comes with a lot of accessories that make it stable, durable and professional. It includes a windscreen, XLR cables, Hot Shoe Mic Holder Clip and Tripod/Boom Pole Mic Holder Clip. This microphone can be powered by a 1 AA battery or 48v phantom powered.

The windscreen of this microphone is so professional in their working. It doesn’t only reduce ambient noise from the environment but also pick up the great sound from the front.

  • Great value for the price
  • Good bundles accessories
  • Good mic and can adjust pickup zone.
  • Sound quality and build quality is excellent.
  • Noise level jumps up.

Final verdict

Marantz Professional Audio Scope SG-5B is the best budget shotgun mic. When you want to record outdoor video with enhanced quality level, you don’t be panic as it covers all the essential features which you need in your particular videos. Although this cheap product will suit your budget, so don’t waste time to buy another one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the best budget shotgun mic for DSLR video cameras?

Ans. The TAKSTAR SGC-598 is the best budget DSLR shotgun mic. It has the cheaper build .this a mic is an affordable option for the beginners who want to experiment with the new equipment. Shockproof design of SGC is helpful to reduce the mechanical noise and to give a crisper sound.

Q. How to choose the Best Budget Shotgun Mic for Film?

Ans A good shotgun microphone often be expensive, but some shotgun microphones are low in budget. When you’re likely to want to capture the indoor and outdoor shooting, you pick a microphone that has all of its premium features that up to grade the level of audio quality.

Choosing the best budget shotgun mic for your DSLR, camcorder, or iPhone is a great way to get high-quality audio for what you are filming.


Whether you are just starting to build your microphone collection, you don’t need to research. As you can see, there are a ton of different options and variety of price point .we’ve assembled the list of best budget shotgun mic that is narrated above. With that said, the most important thing is that you make the right decision to pick your desired microphones and let’s start filming …

After reading this article hopefully, you are ready to start vlogging with the perfect audio on your youtube channel. Before you begin to put money in buying the good, cheap microphone, make sure that you have an idea of what you need from your desired product. Decide what type of microphone that suits your needs and budget.

We’ve tapped the Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone as the best cheap microphone overall. Its lightweight construction makes it wonderful for sound pick up. Cardioid polar pattern offers an off-axis rejection of hissy noise. You can try dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphone for less than 50$.

Our list will help you to take a forward step to select the best affordable microphone that imparts professional performance and greatly improves your video production.

In most cases either, the Viewflex VF-M 10 Camera Microphone will serve you well.


That’s the truth

It will be a great pleasure for us to save your time, money and efforts. before wasted time enough, you should focus here if you want fast results

All of the items on the list are good mics to start with a lower budget. In fact any one of this mic will do a brilliant job to make high-quality coverage and satisfy their users.

You can use this list to help you find the best cheap microphone and start the journey of Vlogging. We wish you the best of luck!

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